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by James Robinson 2 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson

    Hello, All.

    I am looking for an old program called QSearch. It was passed around with the NWT in DOS Text format. The program would cross-reference every word in every document in a given directory. It came out before the NWT on diskettes

    I have looked everywhere and on my old PCs for it, to no avail. Hoping someone here will have it.

    Happy Monday!

  • jwleaks

    The NWT version that used it was produced by the Folio Corporation around 1990-91. It was the NWT on a whole pile of computer disks. I sent my copy to the National Library of Australia to archive.

  • jwleaks

    Here you go if your in Australia you’re in luck. This should help you track down the program, otherwise ‘reverse engineer’.


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