Another Prophetic Post (5 Years Ago)

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  • berrygerry

    I don't know about the rest of it, but this was spot on:

    Governing Body member and apparent head spokesman Geoffrey Jackson warned that anyone telling about the meeting to outsiders would be immediately disfellowshipped. He stressed that Watchtower will be out of Brooklyn in the next 2 yrs. Three hotels are especially interested in buying Watchtower’s property in Brooklyn, namely the Three Seasons, Ritz Carlton and a company called the Taj which also makes cars. They would like to make the Brooklyn property into a new “ SoHo .” [By “SoHo” it is assumed Johnny meant SoHo in Lower Manhattan, NYC, an international art and art gallery center rather than Soho in the U.K. , a trendy area formerly with many sex trade businesses.]
    Gilead School classes will be phased out. While it is being phased out those who would have been going abroad as missionaries will instead be given their special assignments in cities, not rural places (recently City Overseers were phased out).

  • careful

    Didn't they just a Gilead graduation??

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