Lorterdan properties v. Watchtower court ruling about Ramapo property

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  • Gorbatchov

    I found this court ruling about the Ramapo property. Is this the same were now the audio / video / digital content location is to be build?


    The ruling is about reselling the property to the original owner, because Watchtower didn't want to build on it.

    My English is to limited to understand the ruling fully.

    Can someone here make a conclusion?

    And is it the same location as now in the news?

    Thanks already!


  • Listener

    There's some info on Ex JW Reddit but this article makes it clearer


    They won't say how much it is going to cost which isn't surprising.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Robert Zick, a Jehovah’s Witnesses spokesman, estimated it could take two years for the group to finish planning the project and up to another four to build the complex.

    Zick was not readily able to say why the project had a six-year timeline, but he said the bio-diverse nature of the site might make it complex to develop.

    WTS/GB is planning SIX YEARS ahead into this old system of things.

  • Corney


    As to the ruling, it's an intermediate decision striking out some Lorterdan's claims and Watchtower's counterclaims while allowing others to proceed. The case was eventually settled under undisclosed terms.

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