Dr. Axel Hofmann on Patient Blood Management

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    6/13/17 - Dr. Axel Hofmann is an international expert in the field of Patient Blood Management (PBM) and was one of the key figures responsible
    for the implementation of the statewide PBM Program for the
    Government of Western Australia. He kindly agreed to give us an
    interview to share his experiences and knowledge on PBM with us.

    ROTEM is investing hugh sums into the equipment to stop or control bleeding in time during surgery, full blood hemostasis-analysis for the point of care ( blood coagulation) - subjects: acute diffuse bleeding, hemorrhage in pregnancy.


    Details about ROTEM analysis.


    ROTEM® provides the most complete and rapid information on hemostasis. Unlike other clotting assays, ROTEM® analyzes whole blood and provides infomation about all stages of the coagulation process.


    Latest updates about research on Patient blood management to find on the homepage of the university Zurich, where Prof. Dr. SPAHN is head of, he is one of the primitive rocks of PBM in Europe.


    The site includes a link to the Australian Guidelines


    The current study performed at Zurich:

    Impact of Preoperative Treatment of Anemia and Iron Deficiency in Cardiac Surgery on Outcome (NCT02031289)

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    Trying to make us bleed less. I can dig it.

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    Thanks for the interesting WA articles with this good summary of euroasian (Western Australia and European) efforts of JW that lead to the actual and future golden standard in patients blood care industry.

    WA and Europe are hence both scientifially and personally very closely connected via Hofmann and Farmer both JWs as well as Prof. Gombotz and Prof. Ibister who performed surgery on JW. Their work was the basis for the golden standard we have today.

    Over a bypass the Swiss Dr. Spahn and German Dr. Erhard and others are included in this worldwide net of Hofmann.

    Austrian Prof. Hans Gombotz has indeed retired of his clinical job (he has performed hundreds or thousands of surgeries on JW during his lifetime in Austrian hospital in Linz) but he is very active missionary in the Patient blood management field event today in the Worldwide blood care project (see below)

    Dr. Alex Olaf Hofmann has formed a network using his marketing, financial and medical knowhow in the field of anaestesiology industry. He has done this from the early beginning of the Patient blood management Project, when he got consultant of Anaestesiologist Prof. Dr. Spahn in Zurich Switzerland, consultant of Prof. Shander/USA and later consultant of Prof. Ibisiter and Farmer in Australia.

    Although his credentials have been mistrusted by the press, we can garantee you that he is the best man for this job. He is not only a marketing genius but his engagement in anaesteology and transfusion did not stop at the economical business consultancy for the industry so he finally promoted in 2012 as Dr. med. - Prof. Dr. rer medic. ME Axel Olaf Hofmann, Promotion at Medizinische Fakultät der Universität Duisburg-Essen - of course the financial support of the Australian Government might have been a reason for this decision but it might be also a very strong theocratical element in this decision. For Hofmann and Farmer this might a theocratical full-time assignement in close cooperation with the Governing body. The Perth article of 2014 was not aware of that.

    Isnt it impressing how much two Jehovahs witnesses are able doing for the Patient blood management WORLDWIDE? Is it a blessing?

    Therefor last year Dr. Hofmann founded the WORLDWIDE PBM marketing entity for Patient blood care : the IFPBM (see link below) - as I already told you but it was not registered by all -its an INTERNATIONAL foundation, what the name says but is easily overseen, which is now coordination the worldwide activities of patient blood care for all men on this planet not only the Eurasian and American, not only JW but all men.


    In this worldwide blood care project Hofmann, Gombotz, Erhard, Zenger and Apro are the trustees. The lastest press text calling for support for this worldwide patient blood care project was released by Prof. Dr. Axel Hofmann one month ago.

    This worldwide foundation is now holding all worldwide resources about Patient blood care and asks for donation. This foundation sits on 5,000+ PBM Article Database, Video Library and Speakers Bureau, in which Dr. Shandon can be ordered as lecturer too. But it seems very clearly that this foundation is the Wordlwide main agent for PBM.

    Dr. Hofmann is a Doctor of Medical Science and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics. His main activities are related to PBM research and the implementation of PBM programs in the public health sector and large hospital systems. With his background in health economics and outcomes research, he has specialized in the field of Patient Blood Management.
    He currently has several academic affiliations in Europe and Australia - Visiting Professor University of Zurich, Department of Anesthesiology; Visiting Professor, Institute of Anaesthesiology, University Hospital Zurich; Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Surgery, University of Western Australia; Adjunct Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Curtin University.
    Dr. Hofmann is well published in international peer-reviewed journals and is an invited speaker at numerous universities, medical schools, government agencies and international symposia.

    Latest press text


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    Press text by Prof. Dr. Hofmann.

    CONTACTO: CONTACTO: Dr. Axel Hofmann, examinador médico. Tel.: +43 664300 50 92
    http://www.europapress.es/economia/noticia-comunicado-estudio-pionero-gestion-sangre-paciente-establece-nuevo-estandar-20170613110136.html http://www.en-cphi.cn/news/show-36531.html https://www.ots.at/presseaussendung/OTS_20170612_OTS0146/eine-bahnbrechende-studie-ueber-patient-blood-management-setzt-neue-massstaebe

    Brother Hofmann is not only holding the theocratic hand over the worldwide blood care project he is also interpreter of many bloodless studies - like red blood cell transfusion in surgery of men and women


    I am really fascinated. JW have their man in this important blood care project, in the marketing of blood care and even in a study about RED BLOOD CELLS, a therpay which is forbidden for JW.

    However take notice of the fact that he as anaesteologist is interested in the matter what is the outcome of red blood transfusion. Lets see if this will lead soon to an easement of the red blood cell-ban and the long awaited healthy therapy for JW with controlled gender conform sandwiches consisting of destroyed red cell fractions.

    And he gets paid not by JW but by the industry. Clever.

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