Information about an ex-elder from Farnborough

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  • Anonymaus1914

    Hi everyone,

    This is directed to people in the UK, particularly from the South. I heard of an experience of an elder in Farnborough who was well known in the congregation, but faded away after the new generation teaching was introduced. I never met him, but apparently he had a few bob about him and was high up in some financial institution. Does anyone have any further info about him? I want to find out if he was just stumbled or actually knew TTATT.


  • freddo
    Not being funny but which new generation teaching?
  • sir82

    Not being funny but which new generation teaching?

    Good question - there have been so many - which was the one that set him off?

  • Anonymaus1914
    Haha, fair enough! It's the most recent one, the one and only overlapping generations! I think he started to fade shortly after it was announced at the 2012(?) convention.
  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift
    I don't know anyone in that area but I recently heard an old family friends son who was an elder has also fallen away wich was a shocker. ...from the Leyland area, ?

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