Covid-19 and JWs and Sweden

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Sweden didn't lock down and are doing well. So with the unified pro-lockdown message the JWs are promoting, how are they handling things in that country? Are they still having meetings but keeping it quiet? I realize they have a vested interest in the plandemic as it always helps with the last days thing.

    PS: This is yet another example of JWs having more in common with liberals than conservatives. At a recent midweek meeting the congregation went beyond even what the GB said and were badmouthing those who don't wear masks.

  • LV101

    Seems the ones I knew early 90s were all Dems - I attributed it to their ethnicity and being from the east coast and california.

    I'm sure the governing ghouls/goons love the government handouts, welfare/free for all programs that enable the WT minion-members to dedicate time/effort in the cult.. They forget both parties contribute and the conservatives donate and give twice as much as the liberals to charities and programs for the disadvantaged.

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