Repetition Of Things/Repetition for Emphasis!

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    All this GT,end of times, corona, etc has got me thinking that something I read some time back may perhaps seem true abotu repetition.

    James clear wrote an article about:Why Facts Dont Chnage Our Minds

    "Silence is death for any idea. An idea that is never spoken or written down dies with the person who conceived it. Ideas can only be remembered when they are repeated. They can only be believed when they are repeated.

    People also repeat bad ideas when they complain about them. Before you can criticize an idea, you have to reference that idea. You end up repeating the ideas you’re hoping people will forget—but, of course, people can’t forget them because you keep talking about them. The more you repeat a bad idea, the more likely people are to believe it."

    Perhaps this is why jdumbs are fed the same lies, idiosyncracies, bs repeately ; so as to keep those things as relevant and alive so the jdumbs will follow without question.

    If someone wants to read the full article it is quite interesting.

    Kadaver gehorsam


  • pbrow

    hey rajenighanda,

    Jdumbs? Ill give you that people who are not born in have somehow been duped by the slick presentation of the witnesses. The born-ins, however, almost to a person, simply are not exposed to any different ideas... by design.

    I am a pretty conservative guy but I still hate seeing posts with "Demoncrat" or "Demorat" that vilify a person simply because he belongs to a specific social group.

    You are correct... jw's are fed the same lies, idiosyncracies and bs repeatedly. That is what keeps the born-ins... in. Some of the most brain washed born ins I grew up with were incredibly smart, articulate and kind people.

    I guess it just strikes a nerve when the two groups are mixed together. Call the converts anything you want... they volunteered for wisdom of tight pants Tony and rubber faced Lett. Born-ins got fucked (some literally) right from the start


  • Vidiot
    pbrow - "...JWs are fed the same lies, idiosyncracies and bs repeatedly."

    Amazing just how often the conditioning needs regular booster shots, isn't it?

  • Finkelstein

    No qestion about that, the JWS are fed lies, ignorance, fear all premised upon god's loving holy spirit is directing this information through the written word.

    Brainwashing people with carefully selective chosen information from the bible or outside secular information is what the WTS has been doing since it started as a religoius publishing house.

    Question or contradict that information and you'll find yourself labeled evil, even when you use the bible to make a posing contradiction.

    Its a game of power, control and money formulated in a personalized endeavor of man made corruption.

  • Wakanda

    Repetition for brainwashing! Isn't it in Robert Jay Lifton's books?

  • waton

    Even the so-called demos, videos practises for the "field - ministry" would fall flat in the field, but are really weekly, repetition of wt dogma, sometimes the same text 4 times in a row. in 4 different settings.

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