For the sake of a drop of blood

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  • lonsdale

    Have not posted here for some time, but would like old friends and new to know about this book which I find really interesting.

    I knew the author personally at the time of his accident, and can vouch for the authenticity of his account, and the ensuing struggle over blood.

  • Giordano

    A startling first paragraph about how harmful the no blood ban can be. A life time of pain and suffering for this person.

    It's a stupid belief and points to the dangers of the only religion in the world that favors a ban on blood by not understanding the nature of a transfusion, which is a transplant ........not eating....stupid and dangerous WTBTS.

    This is what results from the inability to think for yourself. Jonestown anybody?

    It has cost the untimely loss of my wife's mother......... and my sister at the age of 43. It would have cost my life re the need for Five liters of blood while undergoing open heart surgery at 45.

    In a dumb religion this is their dumbest faux belief and the most dangerous.

  • stillin

    It seems like something that I could read with interest. Couple of typos that I hope didn't make it into the final edition, but otherwise it looks like a story with a heart.

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