When did "no part of this world" exclude crowdfunding ?

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  • redundantcartworker
  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Hypocrites?... maybe. Stupid? certainly not. They know quite well that Satan is far more generous than Jehovah. Good for them. That's a very small step in the right direction

  • steve2

    Carefully phrased appeal - no direct mention of being Jehovah's Witnesses which could potentially put off donors. They astutely emphasize the medical aspects of blood transfusions and their sons aversion to have someone else's blood. I wonder how much they will be able to get through crowd-funding? Will they accept donations from "immoral" persons or apostates or church leaders?

  • scratchme1010

    Reminds me of some of my JW relatives who like(d) calling me for money. One of my sisters called me, wanting me to pay for her plane ticket to got to a JW wedding of one of my nieces who didn't invite me because I'm not a JW.

    Yes, I know well that their "not part of the world" shit is quite elastic.

  • freddo

    Sorry ... but what a set of self-entitled leeches (pun not intended) those parents are. I do feel sorry for the lad as scoliosis is an awful condition, but ...

    Won't have the op offered by the NHS - then "can't remortgage their house" then "the "autistic son" can't face having someone else's blood - I wonder how that got planted in his brain?

    I personally know of two jw's in my region who have had the approved operation on the NHS without blood and who are doing well.

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