Im wondering...maybe the GB are truly mentally damaged, not just deceivers.

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  • sowhatnow

    Has anyone by chance read the latest issue of pshychology today? april issue, article title' moment of impact'.

    I havent fiished reading it yet, but it got me thinking, how likely is it that many born in jws [ teens in particular since thats the age these issues start to appear] will end up with these problems mentioned in the article? I know of a few adults that have this problem, schizophrenia, bi polar, ect.[ i know of two persons in the past who commit suicide, attempted suicide, were in mental institutions a dozen times, or were deeply depressed so much so they became hermits. all jws.]

    now Id imagine, that no jw is going to submit thier kids to a phychiatric evaluation, becasue it will become clear that the teachngs are what drives the bigger problem. a person cannot be rehabilitated from mental issues if you continue to feed them brain poision of the twisted teachngs of the wt. they are lost causes in that aspect.

    the article mentions that teens face an intense developmental challenge, on the way to becoming adults. oh we can all relate to that.

    but, why is it, that so many adults, who experienced this same troubling teen time, seem to forget what it was like? I cant understand why so many adults, expect teens to have answers to why they do things.

    dont they remember what it was like to be a teen? I do. id never want to relive it.

    so how on earth can anyone justify disfellowshipping or even teaching children such biased and unkind out of the norm teachings and expect to turn out mentally stable?

    as for narcissism, it actually ends up a mental dissorder of sorts.

    how cruel is it for a religius organization, to expect children to get baptised and make adult decesions based on unimportant tales of the bible, and religious beliefs that restrict normal human needs and desires?

    the mind damaging teachings of cults, not only contribute to mental illness, but almost could ensure that it will happen.

    Id like to know who can escape the eventual stress overload from expectations of parents, schools, mates, and the the mulititude of confusing media information availiable on the web, in the workplace, at religious centers, and from piers, availiable today.

    were these conditions as common decades ago when there was not so much information availiable?

    and what role does the immediate family of such a person play? is it possible, that the only reason someone ends up with a mental disorder is due to the mental abuse and neglect from the parents and family? your social environment forms much of your thinking. [ ex if your raised in a home where its the norm for your parents to have filth all through the house, or openly smoke, or drink, you will more likely live the same way. thats your normal ]

    its all quite interesting, the WT claims some are possibly mentaly unstable simply because they dont know if they are one of the 144thou, but, um, you think we all havent been traumatized? arent we all on here partly because unless you were a jw you cant wrap your head around what were gong through , and we are seeking some sort of support to help us feel normal again?

    are any of you aware of those who are obviously struggling with bi polar or schizophrenia symptoms? do you think its a slient epidemic among cults?


    Im wondering...maybe the GB are truly mentally damaged

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    They're not "damaged"; it is simply their nature to be what they are. You will find such people everywhere in society. They are the CEOs and politicians of this world. They simply have an evil brain.
  • jookbeard
    VI , in the real cooperate world these numskulls would be no more than janitors, cleaners,post room workers etc, there isnt one single member of them that has any "statesman" like quality about them.
  • Crazyguy
    I think they have just lived in a bubble all thier lived and now that thier gb it's gone to thier heads a bit. Now that thier ego is stroked why would they want to change a good thing.
  • defender of truth
  • stuckinarut2

    They are not mentally deficient!

    God spoke with them personally and chose them to be the anointed, and the Faithful and Discreet Slave...his channel of communication on earth. Ones we can not question, even if their teachings require changing in years to come.

    This is true and factual because they told us so.

  • millie210
    They are like the naked Emperor who truly thought he was clothed.....
  • sowhatnow
    well my topic wasnt actuallly about them only, i was asking about in general the likelyhood of many youg people being mentally damaged, has anyone actually read my post?
  • Diogenesister

    I think its extremely likely...I've been in a psychiatric institution and have been told that I am hi polar. I think growing up in a cult is likely to exacerbate any underlying mental disorder and trigger episodes of illness as you say teens are especially vulnerable.

    The chicken and egg problem is do cults produce mental illness or are folk pre disposed to mental illness attracted to cults?

    As regards the GB they have so much invested in the cult now its too big of a u turn for them to face reality...but yes, believing BS that you yourself make up (ie I am special and different, gods chosen one etc) IS a type of psychological illness or malfunction if you like..those guys need an " intervention" LOL!

    When will families start having " intervention" for their witness relatives the way families of addicts do! Roll on the day!!

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