Apposers Dismythed and my published comment.

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  • Thisismein1972

    Above is the link to this blog that is fuelled with so much hatred it's unreal. I commented on this bloggers posts, and told this bloggers how distasteful this bloggers posts are, I never expected it to go public, as this blogger will only post what he/she thinks os acceptable.

    This blogger has asked me to show evidence of his/her hatred, only for this blogger to use the age old psychological trick of projecting onto the accusers. So I have duely replied to this blogger with examples of the hatred this blogger uses. Such as labelling those who do not agree with his/her religion.

    I urge everyone to have a gander over, as the comment in question may eventually be deleted.

  • redvip2000

    what is an apposer?

  • David_Jay

    I would avoid this site as it, and at least one other, is run by a JW who goes by the name CJ Williams who due to admitted psychological health challenges, has been told by his elder body that he does not qualify to serve even as a ministerial servant.

    In his own words CJ stated that he suffers from:

    ...a genetic anxiety disorder, perhaps exacerbated by childhood trauma...

    To handle the anxiety, I tried medication for a little while. Unfortunately, it caused me to sleep a lot more, and I ended up missing more meetings than my disorder caused me to. There is little I want more than to make every meeting. I also suffered from a life-long depression up until 2011, which I received treatment for in 2010. For these reasons, I have failed to qualify for greater privileges within the congregation.

    CJ developed this and another site where he offers "alternative" yet somehow "supplemental" material designed for Witnesses who feel that going to the elders for guidance is not always enough.

    While claiming he now has several people helping him create these sites, it appears to still be the work of this one person. He is far more rude and obnoxious than the average JW, and has grown only more bitter over the years.

    So not only is this person a JW, he is not even a good example of one. He obviously visits and reads apostate sites in order to produce material that counters the arguments he finds there. A faithful Witness would never do that.

    Some of CJ's sites have "comments" from "visitors" who praise his work, but it is clear these come from CJ.

    If the elders in his congregation are aware of his work on these self-serving blogs of his, they have obviously given up on him. I am sure we all remember from our time as JWs where there were those few that really believed but were bad examples and wouldn't accept counsel. CJ seems to be one of these, and it probably has to do with his admitted mental state.

    It is therefore probably best to just leave him alone. I don't think he's capable of seeing what harm he's doing to others and his own religion.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "It is comical that they think their word matters" - From that site's contact form.

    Such a disparaging and dismissive comment before you have even aired your views! It is quite clear that the author(s) of that site have no interest in honest debate about a subject that has to be debated. So therefore, what is the point of wasting valuable time with such a cretinous individual(s).

    It should also be quite clear that their site is full of copy and paste assertions rather than reasoned arguments based on given evidence.

    And finally, just look at the comments left by the apparent owner of that site. That should tell you the education level of the authors of that site.

  • joe134cd

    The guy is nuts.

  • scratchme1010

    I am with David_Jay. I'm not sure why people simply make the assumption that everything in the internet is posted by sane, rational or educated people. Engaging in attempts against them is just futile and unnecessary, not to mention that standard already tired (yet always reliable) free speech argument.

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