Aussie bethel supported war effort washing military uniforms??

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    World war 2 aussie branch head approved bethel laundry to wash soldiers uniforms to increase profits. (Yearbook 1983 page.64) many left the truth since brothers around the world were in jail for refusing even to put a uniform on! Hypocrisy. Rutherford came to see what all the fuss was about and commended the bethelites. 1947 Knorr came and fired the branch manager and put a stop to this. At a convention he confessed mistakes were made by supporting the war effort they were not showing Christian neutrality.

  • Atlantis

    Who do you think it was that made these "Warbirds"?

    It was brother Taylor a JW, who owned "Taylorcraft" Corporation.

    This JW employed other brothers and sisters to work for
    him in the production of Warbirds and other military equipment.

    C.G. Taylor and his wife who was also a JW ran the whole
    show, and was in control of 9 different companies in the efforts
    to aid the military.

    I spoke to his grandson who filled me in on many details that
    are not on the net. The grandson told me he enjoyed being
    bounced up and down on grandpa's knee when he was a young child.

    I could give you a file that would knock your socks off concerning
    weapons of mass destruction JW's built back in the day.


    And the list just goes on and on.

    Hungry for Blackberry Cobbler and Hot Coffee!

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