Lurking JWs, if you're to love Jesus more than family, does it make sense to withhold family to coerce persons to return to Jesus?

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Jesus said that his true disciples would love him more than family. (Matthew 10:37) Therefore, ex-JWs worthy of reinstatement should be returning because they love Jesus more than family - not because of wanting to restore family association. If they truly love Jesus more than family they would still return despite their family continuing to communicate with them, because they will value their relationship with Jesus as a prize to be attained above and beyond their relationship with their family.

    Your organization says that ex-JWs are unlikely to return if their family fails to shun them. Doesn't this claim imply that love of family is prized more than love of Jesus? By using family shunning to coerce your ex-JW relatives to return, aren't you unwittingly contradicting the principle of Matthew 10:37? For you see, the tactic of deprivation only works as a tool of manipulation if the thing being withheld is valued more by the subject, than the demand being made of him.

    A kidnapper keeps your relative hostage unless you hand over money. Why? He's working on the assumption that you love the relative more than money. A mother withholds candy from her child until he eats his spinach. Why? She's working on the assumption that he loves candy more than spinach. So when Watchtower teaches you to withhold your familial association to coerce your disfellowshipped relative to return - are they not unwittingly assuming/implying that family association is valued above love of Jesus?

  • Zoos

    Coercive tactics are necessary in a spiritual void.

    But we don't call it coercive, we call it Jehovah's arrangement.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Ok, I always take a step backwards to look at a situation but really who has the right to demand the hideous words Jesus is supposed to have said at Mat.10;37?

    Islandman, you have put your finger on a matter which demonstrates the irrational demands and cultic nature of the Christian religion which expose the original methods of control and conformity which are further exploited by JWs today.

    Who, tell me, in good faith demand that you devote your life to an individual other than from your family and place their interests above your needs and those of your family?

    What man could demand this?

    Only a cult leader talks about "true disciples". Only cults use shunning as an instrument for punishing the not so zealous for the sake of avoiding religious contamination.

    The words put into Jesus’ mouth in the scriptures are nothing less than the desperate ravings of a religious fanatic seeking total control.

    So in answer to your question are JWs using family association to lure back the erring individual? Indeed they are using the warmth and strength of family above the love of Jesus... the very thing he said not to do.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty
    Half banana2 hours ago

    Ok, I always a step backwards to look at a situation but really who has the right to demand what Jesus is supposed to have said?

    I say look at what Jesus did and his teachings.

    This is a post I did some time back to illustrate

  • DesirousOfChange

    Let's review: it's a Cult!


    The greatest revenge is living a happy and successful life!

  • mrquik

    That's always a question a ask JWs I meet. As a "footstep follower of Jesus, would you not side with him instead of the opinions of men?" The answer is always "Of course." That is until you call them on the actual words of Jesus as opposed to the opinions of the GB. Then its "Well they're inspired by Jesus" Really? Take for the example of how Jesus instructed his followers to view "those who left who were not of our sort". Jesus said to treat them as "men of the world." How did Jesus treat "men of the world"? He both talked with and ate with them. So I always tell JWs I have good news; you can now talk to me, let me take you to lunch......

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Darth F, in the real world as opposed to a hospital for the severely troubled, what person is it who demands that his audience should place him; the speaker, as being of more importance than members of their own family?

    Jesus and his sayings are a scam. I appreciate this is incendiary but it is time people made a proper examination of why early Christian propaganda was written down in the first place and made sacred. I'm saying this so as not to be beguiled by the positive and attractive teachings found in the Bible.

    Step further back and see the powerplay at work.

  • freddo


    Got scripture references for your post please?

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Watchtower is unwittingly insulting Jesus. They're telling Jesus that their members don't love him enough to return to him without family shunning. They're telling Jesus that members love their family more than they love him so family has to be taken away to force them to return to him. JWs, do you not see how obscene your organisation's admission of the need to use family shunning, actually is?

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