Dfd , more liberal wuie ?

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  • happy man
    happy man

    Have all this nocie in Tv about JW and there dfd system lead to a more soft treatnign of at least moral siins, some are pointing on that , I was ther when the harder line was putt inn 1999 on an eldermeeting all over the word, perhaps this bigg media attention have some inpackt on how JW use the dfd system.

    Internet have also make a revolution fore peopel how have been badley treated, before they have nowan to talk to, sudenly the have the whole word listnign, I dont think this have been understad by the GB before now.

    I want also now if soem here now about diffrent handeling if it is PO or DO how do bad things compared to young pepopelor peopel how thy think not are so aktiv as PO and other give ther life fore JW.

    If we read Rom second chap, we see that the bibel say if you are a judge, "elder" you have no mercy if you do the same thing as the peopel you judge.

    I have gett this information from commitee members how they see on this issu, if the acused man seems to regret what he done, even if it is on the commite meeting we must forgive him, it is not how bigg the sinn is how it is most important, it is if he seems repentant.

    I have littel difficult to understanad this, beaucause the hard way some young peopel have been treated,

  • mizpah

    I'm not aware of any change in the rules of disfellowshipment. But sometimes it is handled differently in the congregations. It largely depends on the elders that are involved and the attitude that is shown by the accused.

    However, there have been examples of double standards at the highest levels. When Chitty and Greenlees were dismissed from the Governing Body and Bethel for homosexual tendencies they were not disfellowshiped. In contrast, Ray Franz was disfellowshipped for eating a meal with his employer. Ture, the action was taken by the elders in his local congregation. But no one doubts that it was by direction from the Governing Body in Brooklyn.

    In the first case, the Governing Body probably wanted to avoid a big scandal. But in the case of Ray Franz, they propbably wanted to eliminate what they perceived as a real threat to the organization.

  • happyout


    Help me out here. What are "homosexual tendencies"? What kind of announcement was made about these individuals?

    Thank you.


  • mizpah


    I'm not sure of the exact circumstances that made the Governing Body dismiss Chitty and Greenlees from Bethel. But according to James Penton in his book, Apocalypse Delayed, he says the following: "Perhaps not surprisingly, the Proclaimers book never mentions that two governing-body members - Ewart Chitty and Leo Greenlees - were forced off that council for ongoing homosexual practices but were never disfellowshipped." (Page 322) I think the only notice that was given was the new list of Governing Body members that eliminated these two.

    It's apparent by this that it was not only "tendencies" but the actual practice of homosexuality that was involved. Since the Watchtower Society has always condemned the practice of homosexuality, it is surprising that it did not disfellowship the two board members. My guess, as previously stated, is that it wanted to avoid a scandal that would rock the organization.

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