This Music Video Needs to be Spread

by HowTheBibleWasCreated 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    In 97 I was 19 and still at home. I was a JW to the core then believing the religion because it was presented as scientifically accurate. This song was played on Vancouver radio stations... I heard of it and saw it on cable tv and laughed thinking it was a bad example of JWs. In reality..... 19 years later>>>

    I'm 38 and I think this video is bang on and quite humorous.. the kid gets his revenge.

    This song is Celtic Rock (Im more country guy but like celtic rock) but the message is clear that JW kids are being abused NOT BY COURTS IN CHILD ABUSE... AS MUCH AS PREACHING...

  • jaydee

    It's been spread already because of Kevin.......

  • Gayle
    Listen to "Soldier`s Boy"

    Spirit Of The West
    Weights And Measures
    Soldier's Boy

    Dragged in his fathers footsteps
    Onto other people's doorsteps
    To shoe-gaze through another afternoon
    He's well turned out, his pants are pressed
    He's dripping in his Sunday best
    As the sun beats down in time to the sound
    Of his father going on about the problems of the world
    While Kevin stands uncounted at the door

    Will Kevin get to heaven any soner?
    Will father ever bother looking down?
    When he sees the light
    He sees the light


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