UK report 1in 5 charities misuse more than half of their income!

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  • sherrie11

    I understand that there is Charities Commission happening in the UK. I have read its really hard to loose charity status. How is this affecting the org?

    Would the Charities Commission see donations to the UK org as income?

  • Mephis
    Donations are included under income for WBTS. But the Charity Commission are investigating the polices and procedures related to abuse of children, vulnerable adults and survivors rather than financial affairs of WBTS. Until the Commission reports back on what has happened, it's hard to say what the impact will be. In the past there have been other investigations (eg Mill Hill congregation) and other promises to sort out a proper child protection policy which ultimately led to not a lot changing. They're very, very unlikely to lose charitable status unless they go full derp on implementing adequate policies. I can see a scenario where they'd willingly relinquish it in order to avoid having to have outside oversight on what they're doing but it would be expensive for them.

    Is that 1, the WTBTS?!?!? LOL!!!


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