Watchtower social puppeteer

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  • poopie
    Google it in phscology today.
  • sparrowdown

    The final paragraph in that article is very iluminating.In a nutshell describing relationships with the WT.

    "one-sided" -check

    "exploititive" - check

    "toxic "- check

    You could be on to something there, poopie.

    The trifecta of emotional abuse.

  • SAHS

    That article is right on the money! It describes the leaders of the Watchtower organization to a tee. They use charm (i.e., the sparkling new “JW Broadcasting” studio thing), manipulation (i.e., threatening that people will “die at Armageddon” if they don’t smarten up and do what they’re told), and blackmail (i.e., forbidding any contact with family members if they willfully break any of the many, many rules of the Watchtower leaders).

    They continually exploit people by demanding that they recruit more members by pounding the pavement in a pathetic show of loyalty to God’s one-and-only true organization in all the earth.

    And toxic? Well, just Google “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and “depression,” as well as “trauma” and “suicide.”

  • Crazyguy
    Can someone put up a link? Thanks!
  • SAHS

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