"But I was just following order and directions!" The 'outsourcing' of personal responsibility

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  • stuckinarut2

    A thought struck me that throughout history people have often claimed that "I was simply following orders and directions" when it comes to their actions or beliefs.

    Instead of using logical thinking skills to determine if the course of action is correct, they just assume that it is based on a superior telling them so.

    Think of someone handling finances for a corrupt boss. If asked to hide sums of money illegally, can they just say to the authorities "I was just following directions"?

    Or as we know, war crimes have occurred in history and the same excuses have been used.

    Similarly, it seems that Witnesses "outsource" their thinking abilities to the Society and GB and think and act exactly as directed...EVEN if such CHANGES dramatically as have many, many teachings and beliefs.

    Think of all the far out and strange things in the society's history. We know that if any witness disagreed with the "truth" they would be punished for it. Yet, if just a short time later the society changed its teaching, every witness must change too!

    So where does personal responsibility to make an informed and educated decision arise??

    Can witnesses just say "I was following directions"?

    What would the creator really think of blind obedience based on "outsourcing" ones choices?

  • Vidiot
    stuckinarut2 - "...Witnesses 'outsource' their thinking abilities to the Society and GB..."

    Not that that's much of an improvement. :smirk:

  • Absolutesbeginners

    Just because they are a afraid to be alone and to die .

    Without "friends" or "hope" .

    Lonely with many questions ....

    So you unplugged your brain . and you can keep your "friends" .and your " hope " .

    But you still feel lonely with many questions inside ( but nobody knows ....)

    Life is strange ...... ( mine too dont worry ... ; )

  • sparrowdown

    JW's will say to people that "nobody is forcing me" to refuse blood, go D2D/meetings, shun etc. They will say their lifestyle is their own personal decision and WT doesn't tell anyone what to do. This of course is backed up by WT who says "we don't force anyone to do anything, each one carries his own load...blah blah..."

    It got me thinking that WT actually operates like a form of "leaderless resistance" group made up of "lone wolfs."

    Individual JWs that if questioned over their decisions will claim they are acting on their own conscience, independently of WT.

    This means there is effectively no clear line of blame or reponsibilty or culpability leading to WT.

    Of course not blaming WT gets harder to do when you are an elder or bethelite but as we saw by the ARC they tried their best to not bring "Mother" into it.

    Diabloical when you think about it and very frustrating for victims and lawyers alike.

  • stuckinarut2

    Good comments!

    Yes, Sparrowdown, although they will say "no one is making me...etc", the reality becomes apparent if a witness chooses to grow a beard, or watch a movie, or wear some clothing that doesn't fit with the "official approved" style.

    Then we see that there is no room for personal choice.

  • smiddy

    Rank & file members , ordinary publishers of jehovahs Witnesses are not representatives of the WTB&TS.and they are instructed not to claim such.

    I wonder how many JW`s actually get the sense of that .?

    The rank & file jehovahs witnesses are no more than a body of people who volunteer to give support to the organization of Jehovahs witnesses to do the preaching work.

    They are not in the employ of the WT organization and have no claim to any suit that can be brought against the WTB&TS for any cause ,civil or otherwise.

    Of course it may be a different kettle of fish for the higher ups , lawyers ,Governing Body members etc., maybe even DO , and Co `s

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