BBC Documentary - Gay and under attack

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  • krejames

    Interesting, if mis-titled, documentary by the BBC on what it's like to be gay and from the Muslim or afro-Caribbean community in the UK. The views of the Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists are not a million miles away from the JW beliefs we, um, "know and love".

    Aside from the sexuality issues, a couple of pieces of information stood out to me (1) that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the UK (What?! Surely that's a mistake! We all know it's Jehovah's Witnesses! ) and that the extreme forms of Islam are not that uncommon, as one young gay Muslim makes clear ("I believed the UK was at war with Islam and that homosexuals should be thrown from a tower").

    Interesting stuff (may only be available to watch from the UK)

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'm surprised the BBC has made such a documentary. People have suspected this for years but were smeared as racists when they spoke up. Why the about-turn?

    Gay and under attack - what with 'honour killings', this title might not be too far from the truth ...

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