Slim nd Cofty are both right.....

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I haven't had anything to contribute for a while so I have been lurking, which is a pleasant pastime.

    Anyway I have really enjoyd Slimboyfats way of thinking, and I don't think such thinking needs discharge from the mental asylum. I guess I am out of ammunition to argue with Coftys may I say more rational thinking.

    So whilst I find it difficult to refute what Cofty says, i also find Slimboyfats thinking refreshing, and that's why I say they are both right. Maybe a better explanation would be I once worshipped an organisation which was referred to as " MOTHER" and it wrapped me up in baby diapers.

    As far as I am concerned both Slim and Cofty are independent thinkers, no longer controlled by the insane thinking and rhetoric of other people.

    As for myself I don't want to be proudly right, and I don't want to hammer away with my machine gun,. I have however simply enjoyed being fed food and fuel to think by sincere posters who have different points of view.

    The girl I loved and married didn't have beautiful blue eyes, nor did she look like my mother but she had her own kind of beauty and her own kind of thoughts, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My best friend is a doctor who does abortions, which I find disgusting and point is I think thinkers like Slim and Cofty are only free to think because they are independent thinkers.

    Free is always to cheap my father used to say, and he was correct, except I think for the gift of free thinking.

    The Rebel.

  • galaxie
    Yes I agree they are both 'right'to have independence of thought...but if a point is proffered to achieve a decisive response to same, then we have to expect discussion opinion, disagreement argument even, which is precisely why Slim and Cofty involve themselves as most do by way of this forum.
  • cofty

    Thank you.

    Contrary to appearances I like and respect SBF even though I disagree with him about most things.

    Challenges are good for us.

  • DJS

    The Rebel,

    Nice OP. Thanks.

  • galaxie
    "Challenges are good for us" ..not forgetting a challenge is an action desiring an outcome which may not always result in 'good' . Some do not see the wood for the trees!
  • cappytan
    They're both right? I say they're both left. :-P
  • Heartsafire

    The POV's on here do challenge my thinking and beliefs. That's why I love this forum. Without exposure to different angles of thinking one cannot grow mentally. Perhaps this is why I find the Borg so repressive and unbearable with their one-note-tune teachings.

    I find that when someone's fair statements make me angry or react than there is a reason for it, and I try to examine why I resist their ideas. Sometimes the ideas we find shocking at first are actually our minds introduced to a new concept. Shakes up our world!


    edited to say: I really like cofty's factual approach and SBF's abstract thought.

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