Bible passage used to stop women becoming ordained 'added later'

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  • Moster

    See the article referring to 1Cor 14:34. Seems it may not have been part of the original verses, nor was it written by Paul. Thoughts?

  • Crazyguy

    The ascension of Christ in the gospels was added later as well. The pearcing of Jesus body with a spear in John added later taken from Mathew read it with out this scripture and it looks as though Jesus faked his death, the things his followers gave him were healing herbs etc.

  • steve2

    So very much added and/or deleted from the "original" texts that one can be forgiven for reaching the healthy conclusion that it is not "the inspired Word of God". Besides, one would assume that if the Bible were so inspired, its preservation would reach worldwide readership in tact - not the blotchy, motley collection of oftentime contentious "corrections" arriving so very late in the piece.

  • waton

    If "god-ess " had disagreed with the addition, she would have prevented it.

    Wt ignores the principle anyway. The women speakers are given amplification in the halls so all can hear their teaching. That it can not be the congregations of the holy ones.

  • venus

    My first jolt occurred when I read in the footnotes of scholarly versions of the Bible that John 8:1-11 [where Jesus' famous statement “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her” appears] is added later.

    Then I found out John 3 also added later ...

    Thus I came to the conclusion that No Scriptures belong to God; if they did, God would have dearly safeguarded them.

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