Physically out Mentally in or POMI

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  • new boy
    new boy

    This is one of the saddest places a person can ever be in for sure.

    This is were the person is no longer in the organization physically, for whatever reason. They haven't attended meetings in years.

    This person was dis-fellow-shipped or faded away. Or maybe they just couldn't live the harsh and demanding day to day life of a Jehovah's Witness. Yet even though the are out from their influence, because of the brain washing they have experienced they still believe the Jehovah Witness story is real/true.

    My father was one of these people. He had been "out" for over 30 years when he told me one day out of the blue "I believe it's the truth, I just can't live it!" At the time I was still a PIMO so I snapped back with "Well I can live it, however I don't believe it's the truth anymore!"

    So of course it turned out we were both wrong. Me for living the lie and him for believing the lie.

    I know of at least two people who had been out for over twenty years and went back in.

    The bible has a good analogy for this. "Like the dog returning to its vomit."

    To be free at last but still be stuck in the mental confines of a cult, can there be a greater hell? I think not.

    So all I can say is, if you are "out" physically, yet your mind is still stuck in their world do yourself a favor.

    Go to the internet and study this religion. Look into the real history of this church. Look at the real truth of this organization with all it's false prophecies, "new and old light" and the many flip flops they have made over the years. Look into the cover up of how they deal with pedophiles in their organization.

    Then my friends the real truth will become painfully apparent. That this church just like thousands of others out there, is an organization that is ran by delusional men and not by a god.

    Keith Casarona

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    I was pomi for 13 years, then fluctuated between pimi and pomi (mostly pomi) for another 15 years, before I finally allowed myself to do some research, which eventually led me to come on this site. That's 28 years of mental anguish. Fortunately, in the first 13 years I created a life and a good friendship base out here in the real world. People who support me no matter what, and continue to be a big part of my life. I am forever grateful to them.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I have a POMI friend. He's an alcoholic. He lives in an unmarried relationship. But he swears JWs have The Troof! Their prophecies WILL come true. Only JWs understand Revelation. ONLY JWs have it right on Christmas and birthdays, etc. He WILL NOT go to a birthday "party" or even to a bar for a drink if it's someone's birthday. He has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas (PAGAN!)

    But, for now (and likely never), he just CANNOT live the way of The Troof! He knows he will ;face Joe Hoover and will be held accountable. (Of course, I think he thinks Joe Hoover will "understand".) He's still the Bible Thumper as much as ever and it's just too sad of a case that he has no idea that everyone is laughing behind his back.


  • Moster

    Brainwashing is a powerful thing. You may do research on the internet, you may intellectually know all of the ugly truths (false prophecies, new and old light, flip flops, pedo paradise, overlapping BS, their ARC lies etc - the list is lengthy) but completely ridding yourself of the damage done to your prefrontal cortex, is a difficult thing for some folks.

    I have been out for over 40 years, but some of the crap still remains despite efforts to purge it and replace it with the truth about what they teach.

  • DesirousOfChange

    My wife gave me a Valentine's card today with a small gift.

    I just couldn't reciprocate in like manner

    I did buy her a nice gift and a "regular" card.

    Sign me: Still Brainwashed

  • stuckinarut2

    I know of people who were out for 25plus years and still shuddered every time a thunder storm would roll over "in case it might be Armageddon"!

    The KEY to helping a POMI is EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE (see what I did there)

    They need to put in the time to learn The Truth about The Truth so that they can let go of the FOG (Fear Obligation Guilt). Then they will no longer be mentally trapped in.

  • new boy
    new boy
    • "I have been out for over 40 years, but some of the crap still remains despite efforts to purge it and replace it with the truth about what they teach."

      So true Moster, in fact I would have to say very few people get rid of it completely. It's like cancer in remission. You just never know when it could pop its ugly head back up again.

  • Leopold theseconed
    Leopold theseconed

    The way I look at it I am sure for the rest of my life this thought of oh no is this it will always be here.

    Truly though I am not worried about it anymore. I mean I tried the best I could and if Jehovah wants to kill me for being a critical thinker then so be it. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought over the last few years of taking my life. Thinking my wife would be better off with some elder who has his shit together. I don’t want to live even one more day under this theocracy nightmare let alone forever. I always thought I would end up with the crowd in the picture at the end of the revelation book. I just couldn’t crack there group. I was never a ass kisser. From what I am witnessing with you guys on here I would rather take my chances with you guys.

    In my opinion religion in general is just a hurtful machine and the sooner we break free as a society the better the chance we will have to save this planet from the problems we have. These guys at the WT have really hurt me and robbed me of a lot.

    I am not going away. If these guys push me into a corner then watch out. To say I am not angry is a understatement. I need to try to rescue my family that I indoctrinated because I was to stupid and lazy to do my research. these guys have a lot to answer for. Talk about secret society’s. This one takes the cake. Mr Morris is the one with the blood on his hands not me.

    Sorry for venting

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