guest of honour

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  • zeb

    my wife was invited by her past employer to a dinner as guest of honour. Guess..? The dinner coincided with a meeting.

  • atomant
    lm hangin in suspense here.Did she go?
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Hmmmm, this is challenging, being a guest of honour at a dinner meeting or attending a J.W meeting?

    Well I guess it depends on the menu, was it a duck, a sainsburys chicken, or a delicious Owl in bread and orange sauce?

    Seriously the spiritual food being served from Jehovers table at meetings or, a chicken that is inhumanly killed? Its wonderful having personal choice isn't it, and thank God I prefer Owl to Duck, but I am seriously working on being a vegetarian.

    The challenges of leaving a J.W banquet, and the moral conscience of that decision never ends, but I hope your wife chooces to be a guest of honour with her former employees. That is if they are not her former non paying employees in the W,T world.

    The Rebel.

  • zeb
    the meeting won.
  • smiddy


    Don`t keep us in suspense , what happened ? Fill us in with the details .


  • SafeAtHome
    Ask her what ONE bit of new information she came away with from the meeting. What ONE tasty morsel would she have missed if she had gone to the dinner in her honor, or was everything at the KH just a re "hash" of same old same old.
  • zeb

    Thanks to all.

    Yes the meeting won. I didn't think it of much use to add any more than that.

    I did ask next day how did the meeting go. Got a surprised as I never ask "Oh good" then I held my stare.

    She got the message and walked off. Is the Sabbath there to serve man or is man there to serve the Sabbath? Giving the meeting a miss and there will ever be another would have been a gracious (HAH!) recognition of her former boss consideration of the efforts she had put in down the years above and beyond. A good witness if youlike but thinking such is beyond her capacity as the 'meetings' this ritual is of penultimateimportance.

    Hopefully this explains.

  • baker
    as an unbelieving mate (how tasteless), when i go to the meeting, I always plan to take my prescription pain killer right before going, so Im all smiles for a couple of hours and can endure the insults thrown my way. (have a blown and herniated disc). wonder how many others do this just to get thru 2 hours. (assembly takes 3 pills)
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Shame on her for not using this opportunity as a guest of honor to shove her religion down other peoples' throats by "informal witlessing". Since Jehover had undoubtedly aligned this situation for her to preach to people who had never heard the kingdumb message, he's probably angry at her and will slaughter her at the big A.

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