How Many Different Bibles / Translations ,Interpretations Of Scripture ,Has The WTB&TS Printed Over The Years .?

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  • smiddy3

    They have printed individual books of the Old Testament early on , and then the new Testament .{ Individual Books ? }

    Then the complete Bible a few times , as well as the Kingdom Interlinear , a word for word translation of the Greek into English.

    As well as printing Byington`s Bible ,and the King James Bible .

    Were their any others that I have missed ?

    And the big question is are there any scriptures in any of these that contradict Watchtower Theology ?

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    the big question is are there any scriptures in any of these that contradict Watchtower Theology ?

    All of the Scriptures contradict Watchtower Theology!

    The Watchtower characterizes the whole bible as primarily a book of government, which contrasts man's various governments vs. God's government (kingdom)

    But the bible is actually a book that shows how a person can get right with God (avoid the penalty of sin), primarily through the use of two contracts (Testaments) .... The Old and the New Testaments. The word Testament means contract or Covenant.

    The Watchtower shakes their fist at God and basically says in essence, " I don't need your grace (covenant); my works ought to be enough for you".... like Cain.

    Also like Cain, that sacrifice is rejected, while only the blood sacrifice of Able is acceptable. This helps to explain the vitriolic hatred that Jehovah's Witnesses have for Christians that accept the blood covenant that Jesus offered to "whosoever", while they reject it each Memorial.

    JW's are very proud of their works, and so they get what they ask for .... a judgment based upon their works.

    In Christianity, adherents see the futility of earning sonship with God and accept the work of God on the Cross as a "Substitution" for their personal sin penalty, which clears the way for a legal adoption into God's family if sought.

  • blondie

    smiddy3, from the WT Online Library (WOL)

    11890, Joseph B. Rotherham’s New Testament, Second Edition: kr 29; jv 605; si 321, 323

    11902, Holman Linear Parallel Edition (with Berean Bible study helps): jv 238, 605-606;w90 12/15 28; si 323

    11902, The Emphatic Diaglott: w01 1/15 30; jv 606; si 323

    11907, Watch Tower Bible (King James Version with Berean Helps) (Bible Students Edition, Berean Bible): g 12/11 24; w01 1/15 30; jv 238, 606; w90 12/15 28; si 323

    11908, Watch Tower Bible (Berean Bible) (new edition): jv 238, 606

    11926, The Emphatic Diaglott (printed on headquarters presses): kr 84; jv 606; si 323

    11942, King James Version (printed on headquarters presses): kr 84; w01 1/15 30; jv 93,606-607; si 323

    11944, American Standard Version: kr 84; w01 1/15 30; w00 10/1 28; jv 607; si 323

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