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by HomebytheSea 4 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • HomebytheSea

    It seems like it's taking forever to hear any updates related Irwin Zalkin's child abuse case in CA, as well as Australia Royal Commission updates. Trey Bundy hasn't been writing any articles re: JW's recently either. I worry that he may have lost interest in our cause. I guess I was hoping for more publicity as this weekend my husband's family & mine are going to the RC, and we are not. They look at us as if we are money hungry spiritual derelicts, & I wish there was some widespread news coverage that would at least give us some sort of vindication for taking our silent stand against WT. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. It's just that some days are worse than others...

  • steve2

    I understood the reports from the Australian Royal Commission are due once all the instititions have been examined which ( I think) will be later this year. Remember that the "wheels" of justice grind slowly - but when the reports are in, it will be a very interesting time.

  • smiddy

    Recent adverts in the Australian newspapers are still seeking people who want to submit their stories / experiences to the ARC which I think closes at the end of September this year.

    My understanding is that you wont hear the final report until at least the middle of 2017


    "Our Cause " I suppose is actually exactly that ! OUR's only and so it behoves us to take up the cudgels and do something about it ourselves - Like submitting articles to newspapers, blogging, facebooking etc

    Media space is very precious and so it does require a lot of footslogging and door-knocking before someone will take up " our cause" -

  • smiddy


    I guess it`s like anti-wtnessing isn`t it,.We do it on here and we should do it wherever the opportunity presents itself .you never know what seed is planted or wherever it will grow.

    Whenever Jehovah`s Witnesses are in the news for whatever reasons is a good time to put in your two cents worth about them.

    As far as the ARC is concerned , we just have to be patient , as steve2 says "wheels of justice grind slowly" and as I said before , do not expect any results on the ARC before mid 2017

    Maybe somebody else in the USA can comment on Irwin Zalkins Child abuse case in CA and how it is progressing , and any other cases that are before the courts in the USA .or elsewhere for that matter .

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