"Does your political party agree with religions being tax-exempt?"

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  • stuckinarut2

    In Australia, we have a federal election this weekend for a new Prime Minister and parliament.

    I took the opportunity yesterday to do some "anti-witnessing" when at the polling station.

    As I was walking in, i had representatives from all the parties all vying for my vote and thrusting their promotional "how to vote" papers into my hands.

    So while i had 5 of them all around me, I politely asked if I could ask their party's view on a very important topic: "What is your party's view on whether religions should be tax-exempt? Do they qualify for such a 'charity status' if they dont actually do any community work or social outreach programs?"

    Some were unsure, some were quick to say "all religions do good", and some were keen to say that they should only have this tax-free status if they can PROVE their charity work.

    Then one asked the perfect question (now with a small group all listening in) "Is there a group that concerns you?" I replied "Well yes actually. I have heard that the Jehovahs Witnesses get a tax free status, and yet they do NO social or community work whatsoever. It seems odd that they get to be a "registered charity" when they dont do any charity work"

    In that moment, every party representative, and many listening around all started nodding and agreeing, and making comments on this. EVERY party representative was united in their views of JWs, and all agreed that it "needed looking into"

    I was quick to say "I'm sure that the individuals may be nice people, but it seems that their religious groups needs investigation?"

    It was just a fun exercise to do!

  • blondie

    In the US, talking about taxing religion is like touching the third rail.

  • LV101

    Religions are untouchable re/their tax-free status -- hard to believe no checks/balances or oversight.

    Is that why the past couple of decades the JWs say they're involved with charitable work -- I can't believe!

  • joe134cd

    Stuckinarut2 your a deviously wicked little apostate but I love your style.

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