if people get left behind be careful

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  • pepperheart

    In this world there are becoming two sorts of people the ones with stupid amounts of money and the ones with very little money and the people in charge are going to get even more shocks if they dont share the money out in a more fair way.Ive seen in the press that obama will be getting a house that costs over $4 million dollars and how many people are having to live on basic wage.there is plenty of money going around its just not shared out enough,rather than a lottery giving out a prize of $50 or $100 million dollars just think how many people would be blessed if that was dividid in $50,000 prizes and there would be more chances to win as well.some people have to work for a whole year or even two to get that amount of money

  • Simon

    I agree with the ideals. Income inequality is one of THE biggest issues right now. I'm not sure Trump will be the person to fix it but who knows, fingers crossed he may surprise us. I suspect it will be more of the same though and just a different crown enriching themselves at the expense of others. Leopards don't often change their spots.

    BTW: Few people would bother buying lottery tickets for low value "wins". There are smaller / local lotteries that don't generate as much money because they don't sell the life-changing "dream" in the same way.

    A great quote I saw the other day: we should have equality, but that means equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Better yet, take $100 million dollars and give 100 million people $1 each.

    or divy it up to all 7 billion an let everyone go wild with almost one and a half cents!

  • pepperheart

    very true nathan if you want to buy a drink at $2 and you have only got $1 then you have got problems.Over in the uk they have got poundland where 99% of the goods are £1 they have over 800 shops

  • prologos

    One of the worst offenders in leaving people behind of course is wt. employing full time workers aka "servants" without pay with a promise in a stake in a non-existing paradise hope, based on a talking snake story (minus the oil).

  • Alostpuppydog

    Here's my idea. I have spent most my days studying politics. How about instead of a minimum wage, we have a maximum wage. (Or both) Make it so nobody can make more than $250/hr being people like world leaders and doctors etc. And then remove 80-90% of the federal gov't from the land (I live in the US 🤓), eliminate all monoploies i.e. Walmarts and their copy cats, have local stores and Mom and pop shops boom again and remove the continued slavery of factory cities and piss poor jobs that literally require 117hrs/week to be worked to afford a 2 bedroom apartment. Kind of makes Hitler look good considering he allocated the 40hr work week. But just saying! 😎

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