looking for a list of KH resolutions for funds

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  • wannaexit

    I've lost tract of all the resolutions taken for funds. Last night their took a new one with the acronym GAA ??.

    Has anyone that still attends taken note of all the resolutions during the the course of a year?

  • humblepotato

    The resolutions are different for each congregation. GAA means Global Assistance Arrangement, it's supposed to help disaster relief efforts for the friends around the world, but in reality it probably gets used for whatever they want.

    Most halls (in my neck of the woods) donate about 10-20 dollars per publisher for the service year. The congregation can then pay it all at once or in monthly payments over the service year.

    These resolutions are updated every year. The names might change... but it's all just money that gets sent to the branch.

  • wannaexit

    The GAA resolution resolved that the congregation pays well over $1,000.00 cn.

    Thanks humble

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