Rome GA Kingdom Hall sold

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  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I was driving through Rome (Coosa) Ga and I noticed that the Kingdom Hall had been sold(it had been 4 months since my last trip). I helped re-model the Hall and they had a home next door that was donated to the Hall and was being used to house CO's and other visitors.

    Anyone have any further details about the sale?

  • Atlantis

    James Jack:

    Don't have anything further about the sale, but it looks like they will have to combine more JW's together due to this one being sold.

    In the old days, I always felt more comfortable in a smaller congregation than a larger one. When they sell off Kingdom Halls, I can't help but think that some of the JW's who helped build it must feel hurt and ripped off.


  • James Jack
    James Jack


    So true. I gave many talks at this KH in Rome. There was an English and Spanish Cong at this Hall. All 4 Rome congregations must attend the same KH.

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