Life after Armageddon in the new world A Paradise ? You be the Judge.

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  • smiddy

    Most , if not all of JW`s expect it to be Paradise ,immediately.

    How wrong can they be.

    8 billion + corpses lying around , oh thats right Jehovah the magician will fix that with a wave of his wing.

    Their will not be education above 4th grade as higher education is frowned upon.

    Women will be restricted to sewing weaving and looking after their husbands needs , and looking after all the children being born to her husband and being in subjection to him.

    How many women are in high profile positions in the world today ,including leaders of Countries ,and other positions of power and influence ,even in male dominated fields of bygone years .

    That will all be gone in the New System ,where women will be put in their place.

    Children will be forbidden from compettitive sports as thats not permitted anymore , no more TV games ,no more video games , no more just about anything that normal teenagers engage in today.

    And no more TV except JW.ORG TV worldwide with no other channells

    With higher education off the table society is going to slowly sink back to the dark ages and even the stone age.

    Think about it

    No research in anything , not medical , scientific ,the Arts Music ,literature ,paintings Space ,Astronomy etc.etc.,simply because its not necessary now , why ? because Jehovah is going to wave his big wing and make them all unneccessary .

    Unlike what the majority of JW`s think , that they can just move into this house or that , it`s just not the case , the GB will be controlling every move they make , just as they do now only then it will be much worse.

    What do they try to control now. :Dress code ? , Women cant wear slacks ,length of dress ,no tattoos , no denim ,jeans and lycra , and even restrictions on how much makeup is appropiate, Men are counselled about hair styles ,tight pants , pointy shoes ,colours of shirts ,socks ,etc.? I`m sure you can list many more restrictions that are put on Jehovahs Witnesses now ,what do you think would happen in the so called new system ? It would much be worse .

    You think the Taliban is bad , ISIS ,and Sharia law , wait to you get into the new system ," You aint seen nothing yet"

    Please list other things I have failed to reveal that wont be a part of the new system Paradise.

    I look forward to your comments.

  • Normalfulla

    A few years back at a convention there was a part where about 5 young guys were sitting around speculating about life in the paradise, one said I'm gonna have a home in the mountains with floor to ceiling windows and the best view, another was I'm gonna have a batch by the beach and surf every day.... I was sitting there shaking my head, even though I was in at the time, this has always been a bone of contention for me...

    So everyone is continually on holiday..? Where does the hardware come from to build yr house? Who's mining iron and making nails and screws and saw blades to cut timber and who's running the glass plant with a pool of molten tin to float yr floor to ceiling glass windows on dick wad? And how u gonna get them To site? Dreamers! all this..." we'll have all the time in the world", well duh, there's only 24hrs in a day and as long as time has existed humans have helped each other out cos no one has the time or resources to do everything, that's how civilisation and communities work, the whole population can't be on holiday and all live at the beach or in the mountains in mansions sorry, where u gonna get yr bananas from? Who's gonna farm salmon and plant potatoes and roast coffee beans and everything if u out surfing all day? Wake up!

    Does my head in! Be logical and sensible!

  • Tameria2001

    I remember shortly after I left the JWs, I ended up getting into a similar discussion with a JW about this. In short I told them I'd rather die at Armageddon than live forever under eternity under the Watchtower's rule. They told me that I was being selfish. To me their idea of paradise would be a living hell, thanks, but no thanks, I'll pass.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Smiddy, as you point out when it comes down to the details it would be a Taliban hell...

    Fact is, it's just a dream, the Watchtower "paradise" is just a lure for the gullible to commit their lives to the cult leaders.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    As pointed out here a couple of months ago - and just last week to an elder at a trolley - people are going to be allowed to "practice vile things" by the 144,001 king/priests - according to the org's perverted interpretation of John 5:29.

    Ask a J.W. why they don't preach this aspect of the 1000 year reign - and then wait for their denials and their reasoning to exceed your expectations of cognitive dissonance! It truly is a depressing sight to behold.

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