"Happy" bethel music dance video....and what bethel is REALLY like!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I think the "happy" dance bethel video is the best thing to come out of bethel in 100 years. Sure many were told off for this. I cant believe so many were convinced to go alittle "worldly." Yet I cannot forget the many times I went to Bethel only to be treated like a stupid idiot by some anal bethelite. One time we were passing thru on a road trip and popped in to see a brother at 4pm. We were reg. pioneers wearing smart casual clothes and a bethel heavy told us to shave and put ties on??? Not to disgrace Jehovah we had to unpack and dress up for a convention just to say hi to someone?? Afew years later I was visiting on holidays and did not bring black shoes I had white runners and no tie otherwise dressed in meeting shirt and pants. Oh the looks I got and one bethel sister even whispered to my wife as to why I was not dressed correct!! That really made me sick of bethel. Friend of mine a nice sister worked in the laundry ironing shirts for 10 years told her bethel hubby she was not "HAPPY"and cant do this anymore wants a normal life. NO WAY. She goes home to mother only to be pressured and pushed by him and 50 other brothers to go back into slavery....she did the good Witness wife and went back to Austwitz. Change the song "Im happy" to Dennis lery "I'm an asshole" more like it. Bethelites I remember didn't have enough money to take a pee, so I would buy them a pizza and beer. "I'm HAPPY" I never went to bethel.

  • stillin

    Didn't the Bethel techies try to scour that video off the internet? Like, it wasn't sanctioned by the GB so it was "off the rails." Is it still out there?


    It's great piece of hollow hoopla.

  • Robo Bobo
  • kairos
  • freddo

    I wonder how "happy" they are now with all the cut backs and being sent to the field?

  • aboveusonlysky

    007 I had a similar experience at our bethel. My wife and I took a sister to bethel to meet up with her bethelite friend, I was working that day so I didn't have a suit on but knowing how strict they are about dress I told the guy on reception I was happy to sit outside in the car. He was really cool with the fact that I was wearing jeans and just told me to take a seat in the reception.

    I was just sitting in reception reading a watchtower and 3 sisters in a row approached and asked me what I was doing! The 3rd one said 'you have to understand this is bethel and we can't just have anyone walking around here!'

    At that point my wife got mad and told the sister that our contributions were keeping bethel running and she shouldn't be so judgemental. There's nothing 'happy' about that place.

  • stuckinarut2


    That video RoboBobo posted is simply disgusting!

    Can someone start a new thread just for that piece of patronising film?


  • sparky1

    I left Bethel 'Service' in 1976 and haven't set foot in any Bethel buildings in over 36 years. Every day I do a happy dance that I don't have to put up with their 'Paternalistic Bullshit' anymore!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    We had to unpack luguage and shave in a small bethel toilet. We were driving home 900 miles!! Just popped in to speak to a brother...this made me hate the place.

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