A JW experience I recalled this morning.

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  • joe134cd

    I recalled an experience, that happened to me as I was awakening to the borg. I really brought home to me, just how asleep the R&F are to the vices of the org. At the time I had just learnt on the internet how the org was using quick builds/ refurbishment to get the titles of the Halls e.g Menlo Park. Coincidently there had been a recent refurbishment on a hall in the Local area. I thought “Right I’m going to get to the bottom of these apostate driven lies.” So I actually phoned the elder in that cong and asked him what the situation was with the title of Hall. His reply astounded me. Although he seemed to recall something about the title been changed over. He had no idea of the ramifications, and was really vague and sketchy on the details. It was to the point where I thought the guy had no idea of just what had happened or what he had done. He didn’t seem to think there was a problem. I remember after having spoken to him of what a total F*c& wit he had been. Sadly I was like that once.

  • Biahi

    He was ‘just following orders’. Clueless elder. 🤣

  • BluesBrother

    Yes,….. it follows from the delusion that “The Society must be right” and “It is all Jehovah’s organisation “ . So they just go with flow like good little sheep.

    It reminds me of Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and the cart horse , Boxer. Boxer tries to think things over for himself, but all he can come up with is, "If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right," and he takes up a new personal motto: "Napoleon is always right" (5.22). Because the other animals admire Boxer's work ethic, they follow his lead..

    Unfortunately Napoleon,the chief pig was evil and they sent Boxer to the knackers yard once he had done all he could.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    That was the "racket" of the "snare & racket".

    That very issue is setting on a desk some where.

    Newsweek article Nov.14 "Jim Jones Drugged the only Lawyer Who Stood Up to Him". That lawyers name was Gene Chaikin, from Redding Calif. He worked for the county before he went to follow Jim Jones.

    Using that article I packaged up my Lev.5:1 9-1-1987 Watchtower article "A Time to Speak When?" and sent it to a local Christian University and a very power Church School of Supernatural Ministry. There I can reach a pay grade that can comprehend the importance of the deception regarding the "witness" in par. 6 &7. And how it relates to the death of "Prince" the JW pop singer, the "two witness Rule" and other JW "policies. The cherry on the top is a tip as to where Jared Kurshners billion dollars is hiding today.

    The WTB&TS revised their Bible in 2013. They revised Lev.5:1. To this day they have cloaked that revision in silence. To understand why is going to take some one two or three pay grades above Lloyd Evans and Barbara Anderson.

    The 9-1-1987 Wt. article "A Time to Speak When?" is a KEY. It unlocks the understanding of how the "snare" was fabricated. You folks were blind. The article on Gene Chaikin makes possible for REAL Bible scholars to see Jim Jones tactics at work currently in their own town.

    The two schools are not answering my email inquiring as to status of my inquiry. There are several attorneys affiliated with one school. The main point of the material is encapsulated in the RICO meeting around 1983 that sought to over come the problem of 1975 in regard to cash flow and how to handle the void of the oracle Fred Franz inability to conjure up a narrative once 1975 blew up.

    The "snare" was shutting down the minds by means of Jim Jones absolute obedience. Thus eliminating the need to come up a post 1975 narrative on Matt.24:34.

    The "racket" was the interest paying Kingdom Hall loans which supplied a cash flow and built a world wide real estate empire as the Kingdom Halls were dedicated to Jehovah, aka WTB&TS. So your topic is now sitting somewhere of which I don't know.

    Lets see how much of that pearl you guys can tear apart.

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