Toronto Country Rock Band

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    "....I wouldn't kick you out of bed for eating crackers"

    Have to tell ya, these guys are excellent. I have been following them for the past year, and each show gets better and better.

    I gotta hand it to these folks: 2 women, 1 man - takin' country music to an entirely different dimension.

    Check them out, and their music: brilliant!

    Great drinkin' music!

    Anyone care to add any independent bands from their area, worth checking out??

  • Uzzah


    A couple that come to mind that are worth checking out.

    1. Penny Skolski and the Unity Band. For the most part a reggae band but Penny has an amazing range of styles. She is a cross between Janis Joplin meets Tina Turner meets Bob Marley. She does a kick ass Bobby Mcgee ala Janis. Does a great job on Amanda Marshall songs too. They have one CD out so far half cover songs the rest original.

    2. Randy Dawson. One of the best male vocals in the West end. But his biggest talent is his guitar playing. I would rank him with most lead guitarists in the Industry. He does gigs with rock bands but has a Saturday gig just him, a barstool and an acoustic guitar.

    3. Wheat Kings - a great tribute band covering Tragically Hip with some of their own stuff. I go see them once or twice a year as they play the area.


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