Gold and silver global stockpiles

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    This started in the thread about what would be alternative to JW, somebody suggested the Vatican is nearer the truth.

    I suggested the Vatican has over a million tons of gold as some claim, officially they only have, International Business Times

    What we do know is that Vatican Bank, officially titled the Institute for the Works of Religion, manages €5.9bn ($7.3bn, £4.64bn) of assets on behalf of its 17,400 customers. And it manages €700m of equity which it owns. Another titbit to emerge is that it keeps gold reserves worth over $20m with the US Federal Reserve.

    The official numbers of how much gold there is in the world is only 180K tons. This is from the Debeers cartel and the world gold council. However most experts suggest the Deebers cartel lie about diamonds to make them appear more rare and so do they about gold to keep the rarity story going.

    The gold standard institute think there was around 2 million tons of gold in 1980, and another 1.5million tons of gold has been added to the worlds available stockpiles in the last 35years.

    They claim if you add up the Vatican gold alone its close to a million tons, this includes all the crosses and images and trinkets in all the churches around the world. Not to mention the very large secret gold stockpiles the catholic faith have amassed through bloody conquests throughout the millenniumsWhat is so interesting is how silver available stockpiles have gone down so much, this is due to using up silver in electronics.

  • Formerbrother
    silver is getting consumed
  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence
    The rich get richer.
  • Formerbrother
    Silver gets used up just as oil gets used up, gold is all surplus, not ever consumed where it is not retrieved.

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