Reviewing Jehovah's Witnesses & their Kingdom Halls on Google Maps

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  • jasonwade1914

    I posted on Facebook, asking my ex-jw friends to leave reviews for Kingdom Halls on Google Maps. I got a ton of interest but some people were not quite sure how to do it, although it is VERY easy,.. so I made a quick tutorial. Please help review the kingdom halls if you have the time. If you decide to do this, and get just one person to turn around on their way to their first meeting, or get a congregation member to read it, it will be worth it, in my opinion. BTW, I know that some in the congregation read these reviews, because you will find that many review their own hall. I'm posting a link to a tutorial on how to do this. It is less than 1:30 seconds long. I reviewed roughly 55 Kingdom Halls in less than one hour. (tutorial video below)

    Tutorial on how to rate Kingdom Halls and leave a comment

    Also, for those who might want an idea of what to leave, that is up to you. Here is what I left, and if some of you want to copy and paste it or change it, you're more than welcome.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses seem to be nice people, and most are. The problem is they unknowingly suffer from cognitive dissonance. They only associate with other Jehovah’s Witnesses while only reading material distributed by a self-appointed governing body of men who claim to speak for God, that constantly tell them that all people outside of the organization are evil and will die if they do not become a Jehovah’s Witness. They are also prohibited from looking at outside materials or anything that contradicts what the governing body approves of. Witness members look at this as being faithful, but in reality they are doing themselves a huge disservice because most of them were born-in to the religion and know nothing else except what the governing body tells them. Unfortunately, if one looks into their religion and does not like what they find, they will be excommunicated from not only their friends in the religion, but also their family…even if they were baptized as young as ten years old.

    Fortunately the internet now exists, and now the hidden secrets of this organization and their outright lies, cover-ups, and false theology can now be exposed. There attendance numbers are now only gaining in mostly under-developed places with a lack of education and technology. In other lands, yearly attendance numbers are mostly at a standstill or dwindling, and in my opinion, is due to the knowledge that is now easily at their fingertips, if they only do some basic research.

    Some search options/keywords:

    -Raymond Franz (9 year governing body member who left and wrote a whistle-blower book titled Crisis of Conscience)

    -Australian Royal Commission (investigation of rampant pedophilia in the organization that was hidden. 1006+ victims in Australia)

    -Rutherford's letter to Hitler

    -Watchtower History

    -Shunning and Suicide

    -Beth Sarim

    -Jehovah’s Witnesses and the United Nations (joined briefly then cut ties immediately when being found out)

    -Pyramidology and occult practices associated with watchtower history

    Recommended Research/JWNews Websites
    jwfacts dot com
    watchtowerdocuments dot org
    jwsurvey dot org

    You tube: John Cedars channel

  • StephaneLaliberte

    This is what I have wrote for the Assembly hall in Montreal, QC, Canada:

    If you sincerely agree with all of the teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses, then you will be happy to be among them at such meetings: you will experience unbounded joy! However, the day you will have a profound disagreement with only one of these teachings will become one of the worst of your existence. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground.

    I have good memories of this assembly hall: My family, friends, friendly and warm people ... I am tragically nostalgic. Unfortunately, the speeches that have been made there have gradually disturbed me. Most notable: The speakers encouraged the practice of absolute ostracism towards dissenters.

    Thus, a child baptized at the age of 13, who, once an adult, leaves the house and religion of his parents, will experience this ostracism of his family and all of his friends. Thus, the speakers admonished the audience to not to keep contact with "excommunicated or disassociated", even by e-mail or social media!
    During some of these gatherings, I was shocked to hear parents and even children talk about their grief but also their determination to apply this teaching to their brother, mother, father, or sister.

    The result is frightening: a majority of Jehovah's Witnesses know several friends or family members who have left their religion. As a result, they are forbidden to communicate with any of them, under the threat of being shunned as well, if they do.

  • jasonwade1914

    good write up! thanks for leaving a review.
    regardless of what people leave, anything is better than nothing, even if it is as simple as just putting:

    jwfacts dot com

    (google maps blocks websites but if it is typed out, it goes through)

  • Betheliesalot

    I did copy and paste this message to a few google maps assembly halls and checked back after a couple weeks and even when I give a rating of 1, the overall rating never changed even when one location only had 5 votes and after a couple of weeks it is still rated at 100%. Guess maybe you have to wait for a while to have your vote tallied up.

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