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    blondie’s first thoughts 11-11-2018 wt study (august 2018, pages 12-16 (displaying love)


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    OVERALL: “Keep” Displaying Love implies that jws are already displaying love. “Love builds up” how is that possible when the message from all sources is you are not doing enough; counsel is preceded by a fake commendation; that faults are looked for, etc.

    What kind of love is the WTS mentioning? Agape or philia? Notice the WTS definitions of both. Which one do you see encourages judging others worthy and others not worthy?

    AGAPE: What Greek word did Paul use at 1 Corinthians 13:13, where he mentioned faith, hope, and love and said that “the greatest of these is love”? Here the word is a·gaʹpe, the same one that the apostle John used when he said: “God is love.” (1 John 4:8, 16) This is a love guided or governed by principle. It may or may not include affection and fondness, but it is an unselfish emotion or feeling concerned with doing good to others regardless of the merits of the recipient or of any benefits accruing to the giver.

    PHILIA: A Bible proverb says: “There exists a friend sticking closer than a brother.” (Prov. 18:24) Jehovah wants us to have genuine friends. The close bond of friendship between David and Jonathan is well-known. (1 Sam. 18:1) And the Bible says that Jesus “had affection” for the apostle John. (John 20:2) The Greek word for “affection” or “friendship” is phi·liʹa

    Paragraph 1: Not sentimental but self-sacrificing. Can you think of any jws over your career in the WTS showed self-sacrifice to others including you and your family? Would they surrender their life in your behalf even to death. Rather are they living their life for others which seems to be harder for many in the WTS because their motive is based on personal survival?

    Paragraph 2: GENUINE self-sacrificing love (evidently there is a fake type) and unbreakable unity (how many jws do you are quick to run to the elders with petty faults of others in the congregation even to the point of embellishing them?)

    Paragraph 3: Trouble and sorrow, “critical times” feel like giving up, suicide.; even some Christians (really means some jws as if they are the only real Christians)

    Remember when the WTS taught that people committing suicide would not necessarily be resurrected?

    Jehovah decides from reading the suicide’s heart whether he is still susceptible to the provision of the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ and whether he will be called out of the memorial tomb by the reigning King, Jesus Christ. He may have an opportunity for life in the new world.

    If Paul says: apostle Paul states: “The wages sin pays is death” why then does a suicide have the chance of receiving eternal death? The bible says that the unrighteous will be resurrected. Acts 24:15: And I have hope toward God, which hope these men also look forward to, that there is going to be a resurrection+ of both the righteous and the unrighteous.+

    Paragraph 4: Job, Jonah, Elijah asked to die; did god condemn the for feeling that way? If not, why do many jws tell other jws that they are weak spiritually if they feel that way and praying more will help?

    Paragraph 5: (note that most times the WTS says only brothers inferring that it means sisters too, is this article they seem to make a point of including sisters, why do you think that is?)

    Others are victims of criticism or backbiting at their WORKPLACE; but not at the KH?

    Target of criticism by an unbelieving mate: of course a jw husband is never like this or only a few and then the solution for the wife is to be a better wife since her behavior must be provoking it.

    Paragraph 6: According to the WTS how do jws feel god’s unfailing love if they experience criticism and backbiting at the congregation? If god loves us tenderly, do the jws at the KH reflect true love or only cold agape love to those they feel deserve it?

    Paragraph 7: Who keeps god promises to sustain and comfort at the KH? Elders? Do they say how are you then take time to listen to your response? How do they and other “mature” jws treat you; perhaps like your mother is she was unloving and unfeeling like mine. Do you feel that you are regarded as precious and dear to the congregation as god is said to be?

    Paragraph 8: “true Christians” only jws; remember the WTS says that god loved the world and gave them Jesus that they might get everlasting life.

    Paragraph 9: Jesus’ love; where do jws in the congregation show this kind of love, willing to die for you?

    Paragraph 10: Note that the WTS says that building up people spiritually is not the same as emotionally. Imitate god and Jesus; like a mother?

    Paragraph 11: emotional disorders (mental disorders) MAY need professional help and medication; elders and other MODESTLY recognize that they are not trained mental-health professionals (thus do not discourage them seeking medical help any more than they would suggest that prayer would cure cancer).

    Consolingly, id depressed, weak, empathy, patience. Be more effective?

    Paragraph 12: Good support system; who would that be? Elders, mature jws? “only a FEW know that is suffer depression; so the KH gossip circle has broken down? What jws do you know that would be 24/7 for you?

    Paragraph 13: Be a good listener; like the elders who ask how you are as the quickly walk pass you not waiting for an answer? Tactful, sympathetic, empathy, sincere, patient (have you seen this?)

    Paragraph 14: Avoid critical spirit. Coming across as being critical (because they are being critical!) Naturally, we do not INTENTIONALLY stab depressed; like gossiping about them to everybody at the KH or judging them as weak spiritually or refusing to apply counsel?)

    Paragraph 15: Console others with scriptures; ones selected to make the person feel that it is something that they are doing wrong. Suggest they look up bible study aids; what that is like telling a sick person to look online to find the cure.

    Paragraph 16: Be tender and gentle. So how much tender compassion must experienced from others at the KH or judging? Were you tenderly cared for like a nursing mother? How many jws did you see that felt that god was using them to answer your prayer for help?

    Paragraph 17: Do not expect perfection from your brothers (obviously then you can expect perfection from the sisters). Be prepared to put up with the imperfections of others (as they give you minute direction in dress, grooming, recreation, etc.) Not give them impression that they are not doing enough (while the WTS does it every week from the platform). Frustrating comparisons (most often pointing to a seriously ill jw that makes the meetings when you don’t. Note that the elders are told to commend first before counseling. Imagine if these elder only commended others just before counseling another jw; that jw knows that they are going to be called on the carpet.)

    Paragraph 18: Every one of god’s sheep are precious to him and Jesus (not so at the KH). Look forward to Paradise; pass the final test (at the end of the 1,000 years; only then will those on earth become sons, a part of god’s family.

    Final comments: This may sound negative and harsh, but I have 64 years of experience with the WTS and so-called Christians at the KH. The WTS never puts points in a study article unless these are pervasive failures and non-existent feelings of other jws to other jws. I left because I had no more excuses to explain the lack of love in the over 20 congregations I have attended and living within 30 miles of Wallkill and having 20 Bethelites attend where I did.

    If you still attending and have found this website or others that give support to ex-jws or those who still go and are struggling, don’t be afraid to visit them and share. I guarantee that at least one person knows where you are at.

    Love (philia), Blondie

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thank you Blondie. All I can say is how can anyone show love in a organisation that teaches hate, paranoia and suspicion to everyone inside and outside this cult. Still Totally ADD

  • Finkelstein

    The top WTS /JWorg leaders are self endeavored to promote the organization which actually sustains themselves and their rich privileged positions. $$$

    Some may even think they are due for all of their spent time in service in the Ministry pioneering or acting as elders /CO's and lets face it the world was supposed to come an end, so many old JWS men or woman dont have anything to live off from as retirement support..

  • nonjwspouse

    Blonde! You are back with your well thought out rebuttals to the WT!

    Thank you 😊

  • Listener

    Thanks for the summary Blondie.

  • blondie

    Thanks everyone. My health and time have improved. I still read the study articles and make statements or questions in the margin. These are what I initially think. If you have any first thoughts, please share here.

    Love, Blondie

  • smiddy3

    Thanks Blondie for another well thought out criticism of a W.T. study article "Displaying Love" ? Intended of course for JW`s rank and file members.

    However I can`t help thinking why the G.B. don`t take any note of the counsel themselves that they dish out to the the flock in their care.

    .All of these sexual abuse cases around the entire world against children in their care ,failing to report these crimes to the appropriate authorities and even punishing the victims ? How are they displaying love to the most vulnerable in their midst ?

    And how often did Jehovah "Display Love" in the Old Testament ? First he condemns all of humanity to undignified painful suffering and lingering deaths with multitudes of ailments and terrible diseases for Centuries simply because his first two perfect humans turned out to be not so perfect and disobeyed him..

    Then think about all of the people Jehovah has caused to be killed in those first 4,000 years of Bible history.?

    Using Angels ,pestilences ,the Flood ,condoning wars agains`t other Nations ,where Israelite died in battle as well .Not bothering to cure a Leper Colony among his chosen people ?

    Maybe that explains why Man`s history is filled with violence and bloodshed ,because man was made in GOD`s IMAGE

    So all in all I don`t think their God Jehovah "Displayed Love" either .

  • hoser

    I attended the meeting on Sunday when this watchtower was considered. Some were visibly upset and one sister left partway through.

    I refrained from commenting as I don’t think I could have maintained proper decorum. Some of the comments from others were outside of the watchtower paragraphs.

    Watchtower policy causes mental instability. Being constantly told you are not good enough eventually takes its toll on ones health. The internal politics and bullying that goes on in the congregation are sometimes intolerable.

    This article is another form of abuse to keep the sheeples in the kindumb haul. Exacerbate mental health issues of the congregation by excessive demands and making them feel worthless(as if life isn’t hard enough already) and providing the solution in the same congregational arrangement.

  • Pistoff

    This article is so bland, neutered.

    Even the title: Displaying love

    Not showing love? Expressing love?

    The WT writing staff is filled with pseudo-intellectuals, with poor writing style.

    The WT stance on suicide has softened, at least in print; I doubt that old timers have changed their attitude that it is self-murder.

    How many times have you heard that so and so could not have a kingdom hall funeral, or brother give the talk, because it was suicide?

    When I was in 7th grade, our assignment was to write an essay about suicide; the research I did opened my eyes to it being a mental health issue, as opposed to the WT view at the time, that it was a crime against oneself and god.

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