To highlight how unfair shunning is

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  • joe134cd

    I'm going to relate a jw family that I know of that highlight how disproportionate disfellowshipping is.

    Both dad (elder) and mum are die hard jw. The son was always a nasty boy and when he got into drugs it just intensified his personality 10 fold. He's stolen and robbed from his family. Had 4 kids that he can't look after which have been taken off of him by the government. Served jail time. Just a very nasty peice of work. The guy is that bad I over heard his (non jw brother) say he wished that he would of been DF just to physically get him away from his parents. Now here's the point. He was never baptized so gets all the family support and to be honest I don't think he really wants it or deserves it.

    Now his sister on the other hand. Was Dfed for sleeping with her BF. Other than that is a good law abiding person who takes good care of her son. A really nice lady but because she is dfed dosnt get a finger of jw support.

  • punkofnice

    The watchtower corporation has rules and regulations designed to continue their scam. they do not care one bit about the ones they pretend to love.

    I walked away from the corporation because I saw it for the barrel of lies and corruoption it was. I hurt no one but am shunned as if I am beyond evil. However, there are sexual predators within the congregations, in 'good standing(tm)' that get away with it.

    Okay, some might say, oh, no, not the paedo card again. Well, yes, absolutely that. It's true, it's criminal and the watchtower corporation won't stop it because they're worried about their reputation....ahem, money flow.

    Joe, you are highlighting the hypocrisy and evil the watchtower institutes knowingly.

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW here. I'LL bet my bottom dollar when those dye hard JW's are old and need to be cared for guess who will be taking care of them? Not that son, more then likely it will be that daughter they shunned all along.

  • maninthemiddle
    guess who will be taking care of them?

    The Daughter, I agree.

    I wonder who will be taking care of my parents, I assume I won't know when they die, who is going to tell me?

  • rebelfighter
    I would sorta of guess if there is no money and they need some type of care somebody is going to be calling on you. Although not a JW in the real world the same crap goes on. My sister the "Princess" does not talk to me handles everything with the nursing home like she is a big shot but she is so strung out on prescription drugs she has no clue which side is up let alone where down would be. My week started at 1:05PM on Sunday, it seems my sister was not answering her phone so the nursing home called me. OH, 89 year old mom tried to escape then chased 3 nurses down the hallway, then grabbed a pair of scissors and went after a nurse. They got drs orders to heavily sedate her. Next day my sister was called to a conference I told her in no uncertain terms you will not meet or speak to anyone at this facility unless I am on the speaker phone do you clearly understand these instructions? Finally I got through to her. Basically they want her out of there. BUT, this facility made a huge blunder they submitted her reapp and had my mother sign this legal document NOW what a cotton picking minute this woman was declared incompetent many many years ago. So when medicaid denied benefits 6 weeks ago guess who got the notice. NOW, I am trying to move this old violent woman with just her S.S. payment. Guess what just hit the fan!! This Italian lady ain't happy, nursing home ain't happy, corporate office just got involved cause the Italian lady hates chain of command!! Alz is one ugly disease especially if they are the violent type.
  • ToesUp

    That is why I am so grateful each day that our children never got baptized. It is the worst form of bullying and emotional blackmail. We have seen similar examples. WT has a lot of blood on their hands.

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