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    I hope not to offend anyone with the title. It comes as a result of my personal experiences while seeing the WT practices.

    Is a policy used for everything, congregational matters, finances, legal, government and whatever? The WT will try to always come out on top, no matter how much they have to get in the mud to do it.

    Just one example, the modern arrangement regarding health care and transportation of their ministers evolved in a manner that was supposed to be beneficial to the congregations. At the end of the day the flock is saddled with a per capita that goes to the WT for safekeeping and administration.

    Before the current health coverage, the WT allowed the congregations and circuits to pay for minor medical expenses for the overseers. When they had a major medical situation, they will go to the hospital and claim no assets; they were treated as indigents and the State absorbed the costs. Sometime during the 70’S, Social Services at the State level started looking at the situation and the WT eventually took over their health care; but always in a manner where they came out ahead.

    There is a lot more that could be added but I think that this will give you the basic premise.

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