Head of Church School Tweets anti-Science Comment

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  • cofty

    A primary school headteacher has been mocked on Twitter after claiming that evolution was “a theory” and there was “more evidence that the Bible is true”....

    She has attempted to dismiss her stupidity as just her personal opinion but it was Tweeted from her headteacher account.

    Even more worrying was the mealy-mouthed response from her employers..

    A spokesman for Blackburn diocesan board of education said: “As a diocese we state all schools should teach the full national curriculum, which includes ‘adaptation of plants and animals and that adaption may lead to evolution’.”

    What chance do the children have being taught by a stupid teacher employed by an even more stupid bunch of theocrats? This is why there should be no such thing as a "church school".

  • cappytan

    To the douchebag who disliked Cofty's comment:

    Don't be a douche

  • Clambake
    Cofty won't be happy till the western world is just like the Soviet Union. Religion will be illegal and scum like this will be sent to the gulags.
  • cofty
    Cofty won't be happy till the western world is just like the Soviet Union - Clambake

    The USSR was one of the most oppressive regimes in history. It was also thoroughly unscientific and irrational. Google Lysenko if you don't believe me.

    I support the idea of a secular society where religion has no place in the public forum. It should be a private hobby like knitting.

    Religion will be illegal and scum like this will be sent to the gulags

    I would never support making it illegal for people to believe any superstitious nonsense that makes them happy. Thought-crime is what religions support. I would want it to be illegal for schools to indoctrinate children with religion. In that respect the USA is ahead of Europe.

    I don't think the headteacher is "scum" - I think you should be ashamed for calling her that. I'm sure she is a nice person who wants the best for the children. Unfortunately she is deluded. If she can't keep her wilful ignorance out the classroom she should find a new job.

  • Clambake
    You should email your evolution tracts. Maybe even convince her to have a study with you.
  • cofty

    Its understandable that you take pride in knowing nothing about science Clambake, but its shameful that somebody can be appointed headteacher without being acquainted with basic scientific facts.

  • Simon

    She seems eminently unsuitable to be an educator and should be fired, not only for being so dumb that she imagines the bible is a book of science instead of pure and poor fiction but also not having the sense to keep quiet about it and blab her irrational belief to the whole internet from her official account.

    God help (pun) the kids in her care. No doubt they are being indoctrinated with a warped world view.

    Religion has no place in schools. Keep it at home and keep quiet about it. That means you Clambake.

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