Should Jehovah’s Witnesses Be Involved In Social Issues?

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  • minimus

    Most religious leaders support social justice causes. Even if they don’t heavily involve themselves in political matters, they still support social community issues.

    Do you respect when religious leaders involve themselves in the community for the community’s welfare??

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    No. Social justice is a red herring in most instances

    Doing actual charity work like disaster cleanup would be good but things like reimagining social constructs is wrong. Not that there aren't social constructs that need changed but there almost always is an agenda that gets in the way.

  • Overrated

    No, because they would fix it to benefit them only. More so when money is involved.

  • waton

    not wanting to hijack the thread, but yes, to get involved as individuals in some cases, like the old growth tree issue, the blockades, protests, since we want to see these old timers preserved into the next millennium. it is only because the US of A send in the Army can you today still touch wood, that was alive during moses time.

    wt adherents having actually concern for the environment, heritage, creation might be extraordinary enough for the government to take action.

  • minimus

    I think Witness leadership gets involved with civic projects if they believe it will help them in the town.

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