8/2021 GB update: more doubling down

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    In the latest GB update, Losch basically scolds any JWs who are wary of masks and the new experimental vaccines, and says that they're being influenced by conspiracy theories and essentially taking a political side. Yet every week I hear individual JWs, encouraged by the organization, wishing that masks and vaccines were required by the government and that people would just stay home. So taking that extreme stance ISN'T political, because it falls in line with what the org wants, but the opposite IS political.

    Now the stage is more than set for anyone who doesn't fall in line with these things to be viewed as "weak" or getting political, and it shows to be a lie their claim that these things are "personal decisions".

    They supposedly are respecting the decisions of the "superior authorities" . . . So does that mean in Florida, Sweden, etc. with less restrictions JWs follow the lead of the powers that be? No. The fact is that the GB wants to show themselves to be different than Christian and conservative groups, as well as distract from their terrible history with blood transfusions, so they desperately keep saying in these videos that JWs do not refuse medical treatment, yadda yadda

  • alanv

    The governing body give no thanks to the superior authorities if a particular government has dealt well with the pandemic. They want the sheep to follow what they say about the pandemic. Interestingly my JW elder son and his wife have decided to stay in isolation until next March. They dont even consider that they couldnt do that if front line people had decided to do the same.

  • waton

    not all decision by governments are "political" , even they are made to win the next election.

    The wt governing body wants to appear governmental of course.

  • WTWizard

    I bet those running the cancer got their saline shots, while they want those in the territories getting the real thing. Never mind those shots are causing real harm--people are getting coronavirus and dying after being fully vaccinated, severe headaches (worse than your migraine or cluster headache), fatigue that is beyond what they usually experience, heart problems, and who knows what else. Those spike proteins are destroying their bodies from within, and yet they are supposed to do whatever they used to be able to before getting those shots. (That is, once they get the halls opened up and the field circus restarted, which could be sooner than what one might think).

    After looking down on anyone that refuses a shot (and possibly even calling it "brazen conduct"), they will look down on anyone whose field circus time plummets because of the constant fatigue and pain caused by the shots. Or, anyone that got the Amazon "shot"--that is, anyone that ordered some quercetin and zinc from Amazon and took those instead of the vaccine. Even if they are still able to work, that is not good enough--joke-hova simply needs that energy to program people that "unless you are very sick, it is not good enough".

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