Religious Belief, Fundamentalism and Intolerance - from the Oxford University Press Blog

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  • fulltimestudent

    A brief overview of Christian churches efforts to prevent their members hearing anything but church dogma.

    The author does not mention our former loving brothers and sisters, who do all things out of love (haha), but we can see the same attitude at work.

    Quote: "The logic of intolerance has been remarkably consistent over many centuries, within different churches and cultures. It can be used equally by those who read the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, or the Koran. St Thomas argued, in the thirteenth century, that the harm caused by heresy (the eternal punishment of apostates) was much greater than the harm inflicted on heretics (torture and the mere loss of life); therefore, the latter was preferable to the former. The common feature throughout this blight on humanity is the uncritical conviction that supports both what is believed—the sheer variety of which alone undermines its alleged certainty—and the political theory that justifies its enforcement on others."
    Quote: " (some) are not restrained by the uncertainty of their convictions. For them, the Kalashnikov is the modern equivalent of burning at the stake.



    The author, Desmond M. Clarke is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the National University of Ireland and a member of the Royal Irish Academy.

  • Phizzy

    Interesting quote, thanks.

    How similar to the thinking of the JW Org is that of St Thomas (Acquinas I presume ?)

    The JW's believe that the hurt and pain they bring upon "Apostates" and upon their families is the lesser evil than the Apostates going their way in peace.

    The JW stance relies upon the supposition that they have the truth, and are god's organization, both ideas not supported by Scripture, facts or reason of course.

  • steve2
    Whatever the century, the religion and the locale, men can always be relied upon to heartily justify the cruel treatment of fellow humans.

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