New York Times: The Conspiracy of Inaction on Sexual Abuse and Harassment

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    thanks for this. Some great discussion points.

  • Ruby456

    Hi Barb,

    I wanted to go and get my facts straight before commenting on all that is coming out in the press on sexual harassment. My point of view is informed by a free course on futureLearn called Hierarchy of Property rights from the University of Leeds. This is part of their environmental challenges group of courses.

    On this course students are introduced to Ester Boserup who argued that population density rather than being seen only in negative terms can be seen as a positive thing too. For example the principle she introduced is that the land is managed better when populations become denser. Her thoughts and principle also supply insights for this subject I think. That with population density we begin to manage such issues as sexual harassment better. In this scenario then it is not that society is going down the tube but that those who have been harassed feel more empowered to speak out. This will lead to better social relationships and therefore to better more equitable dealings among people and enhance human relationships.

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