These guys hate the Witnesses, cult against a cult.

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  • oppostate

    Just watched a video of a helicopter landing on the Universal Church's Sao Paolo's Temple of Solomon. They loaded up several suitcases full of money, so heavy it was hard for a single guy to pick up. They preach a form of prosperity worship.

    One interesting point I found in Wikipedia about the UCKG (Universal Church of the Kingrom of God) while learning about them is that they hate the JW's NWT Bible and preach against it, calling the New King James Bible "the best we've found", even better than the Authorized Version (the old King James Bible).

    They're very cultish and have been banned in several countries. They've even been charged with murder for the death of a woman who gave everything she had so they'd heal her, but they encouraged her not to seek treatment only to be prayed over.

    They've been accused oj extracting money from its "poor members for the benefit of its leaders". They make use of very strict tithing rules comparing not paying a tenth of everything you own and earn to the church as a form of adultery.

    I also read that:

    • The UCKG does not believe that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is sufficient enough to work in the congregant's life today; it teaches that a member of the church has to make a "total and complete"[26] sacrifice of what they depend on to God through the church (for example, a month's pay, or savings) twice a year without telling anybody;[26] they commonly refer this as the "Campaign of Israel."[27][28]

    They're very political and seek to establish a "theocratic government" in whatever country they get a fooothold by getting their higher ups to run for office and push for selfserving laws and political shennanigans that add to their Universal Church's influence.

    I thought it interesting that here's an obvious cult preaching against another cult and their Bible translation, who enriches itself at the expense of the poorer ones through false promises and the dream of a "theocratic government". Same con, different conman.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    I think as long as man is on this earth there will always be cults and those few that are attracted to cults. .

    Unfortunately, these wackos make JWism seem more logical. 😑


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