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  • john.prestor

    I wanted to share a short story from my time studying that congregation (not studying with) where the Elder told me 5 years to Armageddon I thought some posters might enjoy, little mid-week chuckle that's what I'm going for here.

    So this one Elder in particular came across like he saw himself as a 'spiritual giant' (weird term cause I thought the Nephilim caused all the problems before the Flood but thats how JWs talk about 'spiritual' people so hey, when in Rome). It just came across in how he held himself and the kinda cold, superior way he looked at you... well, until one Sunday at least.

    So I came into the hall for the Sunday service and I saw him strutting around by the 'information board' (not bulletin board, God forbid) with a manilla folder he'd scrawled CONFIDENTIAL across enormously in black sharpy. He posted a couple letters and then strut into the sanctuary, where he got on stage to read for the Watchtower Study. Mid-study he announced with a kinda giddy voice something very close to 'Elders training schools are confidential of course but we're encouraged to share some things with the Brothers,' it was barely related to the study question if relevant at all, and then said 'this is the only organization where publishers are treated like kings, the only organization where the higher up you go the more you serve.'

    I almost lost it right there. How do you say that with a straight face?

  • jp1692

    That’s doubleplusungood.

  • stillin

    And to think that there's a whole worldwide organization full of those...

  • zeb

    Imagine such an 'executive' dealing with some poor souls personal concerns...

    Was he wearing a black arm band, you know the one with a crooked cross?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    strutting around . . . with a manilla folder he'd scrawled CONFIDENTIAL across enormously in black sharpy

    Lol, probably lingering there hoping someone would notice the word he DELIBERATELY put on the folder. It gave him some pathetic importance to be in a secret treehouse club.

    "No giRlz aLLowd"

  • john.prestor

    That's exactly how it came across. Like let me get this straight, you got information we don't, but we get treated better than you? In what universe?

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