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  • HiddenPimo

    Is there a post where someone broke out the specific points of controversy laid out by G. Jackson and the other depositions by Branch members and Elders?

    i know there are YouTube vids and such but any printed material someone has compiled in electronic format?

    My dad watched The whole thing and said nothing stood out as controversy to him (he’s PI1/2MI)



  • moreconfusedthanever

    I watched it and read the transcripts. Jackson tried not to appear citing the illness of his father. He was compelled to appear via video link or risk a jail term himself.

    He then told the court that he has nothing to do with matters of doctrine but that he only works in the translation department.

    When asked if he believes that the GB are gods chosen ones on Earth he said it would seem presumptuous to say that.

    Terry O'Brien testified that JWs do not baptise children but only ones that are close to adulthood who are fully aware of what their decision means.

    These are the things that immediately come to mind but there is certainly more eye brow raisers.

    I was also quite annoyed to hear that the society, as it was called back then, paid for their no hope lawyer to get his degree as well as his assistant at a time when I was being told repeatedly from the platforms not to go to university but to leave school and pioneer.

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