my story (part 2)

by Jason Melita 3 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Jason Melita
    Jason Melita

    A little background, both my parents are from very large families ( I have over 70 first cousins). So I have always felt very fortunate to have something to do with my wordly family maybe twice a year to spend a few days with my grandparents on my fathers side, who are the two most wonderful people I have known ( grandad is a devout roman catholic) grandma I honestly don't think gives a shit lol. As you could guess my sister and little brother blame association like this as good reasons why I never went with the organisation. When I was 14, I was caught at school with some of my mates smoking weed. I received a week and a half suspension from my school. At first it was just my immediate family knew what I had done, until my sister felt obliged to tell a few fellow sister, who in turn told their elder or MS husbands. It was not long before I was put on what I recall as limited and distasteful association. Which I was told would include no association with my JW friends outside of meeting and very limited when I was there. For me this was truly the nail in the coffin, this is when I started to speak up to my parents about why I don't wanna be a part of this anymore. The anger came from my father, he took it so personal that I would question his and gods authority of MY own life. About a year later, I told my parents that no matter what they thought, I was going to play Rugby League for the Local club, but I would prefer to have their support. I got what I had desired for so long, to play a sport with my friends at the proper levels. My mum was much more supportive but eventually my Dad came to a few games by years end. It was also around this time that my father lost his formally successful building company to a few bad business deals, and he lost the plot, started drinking heavily, became very emotionally abusive when intoxicated. My mum stuck by him for the next 13 years or so untill early this year she left him for good. Its tough and weird having your parents split up at any stage of your life but IMO this will lead them to a much happier life for themselves. One thing my parents have always displayed to us children and that is unconditional love for your children. They never shunned me or my older brother for choosing different paths, but my sister, brother in law and little brother all practice shunning almost with a sense of glee sometimes. I feel moat for a sisters kids, they are both smart as whip and I wish I knew a decent way to let them all know, if they ever have doubts they know where I am, ya know? Anyways here is part 2. Thank you all again

  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    You were very fortunate to have parents who did not shun you, I wish I had that from my parents. :-) x

  • Jason Melita
    Jason Melita

    yeh I was. I was also lucky not to have gotten baptised. But now I have ironically " shunned" my own Dad since her went back to the organisation about 6 months ago. I just cannot have it involved in my life anymore on any level, ya know?

  • Heaven

    Jason said: yeh I was. I was also lucky not to have gotten baptised.

    Yes! This is key. I cannot stress enough the importance of remaining UNBAPTIZED . NEVER get baptized into this religion. E-V-E-R!

    Me and my brothers were never baptized so the Borg had no real stance/power to say our parents should be shunning us. The Borg did try to get them to 'kick their unbelieving family to the curb'. But blood is thicker than religious hurtful clap-trap. At times, our parents didn't treat us nicely, but at least we weren't 100% shunned.

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