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  • newsheep

    Thought I saw everything with publishers giving money to co's or leaving everything to the org through their wills which is their business.However when a brother(Andre) whose job is to sign cheques going out from the Georgetown, Ontario bethel is signing cheques for relatives isn't that a conflict of interest?

    The one nephew was doing woodworking but was never successful until bethel offered him a job doing signs for halls as well as making cabinets and podiums. Once he got the job he then went out and bought a CNC machine which is computerized. You punch the design into the computer and the machine cuts out the shape. At that time these machines were very expensive. His cousin (the other nephew to Andre) had a trade in masonry but he overcharged himself right out of work. His two brothers predicted that would happen and it did. ( both nephews had a bad reputation for overcharging) So bethel hires him and his wife to do parking lots at the halls.

    These two men had major drinking problems with their sons following in their same shoes. The two sons from the one brother got the boot out of bethel when someone sent in pictures of them in the nude wearing makeup.

    Bethel would know of this since it's not that big (at that time there were under four hundred working there)and yet these two bum elders get jobs as well as get paid for them. When we were doing a service for bethel, we were told that the bethel doesn't care how much they have to pay for a service or product provided it's good and if it's a brother then that's a bonus. So they can name their price and no questions asked. I now see that the word "bonus" has more than one meaning for certain individuals.

  • SAHS

    The Bethel would do deals with the Devil himself if they thought they could benefit from it.

    But as for the conflict of interest issue, I don’t think it would result in legal problems unless they were getting some benefit or kickback to which they would’t be allowed, such as dealing with close relatives to secure building permits or bogus property inspects as a special “favor.” (Kind of like Donald Trump’s foundations and organizations receiving benefit through his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.)

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