What does the WTBTS really need expansion? Money...Fame....Power ?

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    I purchase all my lawn and snow equipment from the same hardware store near my house. Thirty- five years ago, they employed only four people...a father and his three sons. Today, this same family owned company employs over 100 workers and operates five warehouses near a 50 mile radius full of lawn and snow equipment. They just keep on expanding.

    I ask myself these questions every time I hear about another of their warehouse expansions :

    Why does this lawn equipment company feel the need to expand? Don't they have enough money/revenue? Doesn't expansion cause more headaches, employee theft, injuries, lawsuits, and human resource problems? At what point will they be happy?

    Now, I ask the same question about the WTBTS :

    Doesn't the Society have enough money? Doesn't the expansion from a few thousand members (1870's ) to eight million ( today ) cause the Society more headaches, lawsuits, and human resource problems? Does power and notoriety over 8 million really feel that good? Now that the internet has caught up with you, do you have more sleepless nights?

  • xjwsrock

    In business it is commonly thought that if you aren't expanding than you are receding. You are growing or you are dying.

    Bottom line is the borg doesn't want to go out of business (lose their positions) so they will try to hang on to what they have and try to grow it if at all possible.

  • Finkelstein

    Expansion equals sustainability, when you have thousands living off the proceeds of the WTS, you can see why this organization's leaders propagate the things they say, teach or proclaim.

    Its also the reason why JWs are so closely scrutinized to their behavior and actions , dissenters are quickly booted out and separated from the flock.

  • jwleaks

    The governing body's attempt at expansion and constant references to their own written words as a 'spiritual feast' always reminds me of Mr Creosote ...


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