those bloody phones

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  • zeb

    from the Avast company.

    On September 8th, residents of Hamburg, Germany woke up to an unusual sight. Scores of kids were taking to the streets with signs, chanting lines such as “We are here, we are loud because you are just looking at your mobile phones.” And “Play with us, not your cell phones!

    Seven-year-old Emil Rustige pulled the mini-protest together to vent his frustration at his parents for spending more time on their phones than with him. With more than 150 attendees and a LOT of social media fanfare in its wake, suffice it to say we officially have a mobile epidemic on our hands!

    Sadly, it’s not just grownups who have grown so phone obsessed. A recent study by EU Kids Online surveyed over 2,600 children in the Czech Republic, aged 9 to 16, and learned that 97% of them use mobile phones to connect to the internet. The study also discovered that roughly 25% of children spend more than 4 hours online every day.

    In a recent U.S. survey of teens, 33% of 1,000 respondents said that they wished their parents would get off their smartphones more. Another study – BankMyCell’s 2018"

  • smiddy3

    Cell phones ,Smart Phones ,etc Social media are producing a Nation, no a World of Narcissists .

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I love the internet

    A world of information at the click of a button and I'm sure without social media and forums I would feel very isolated and lonely.

    I see young mums pushing buggies looking at their phones not interacting with their child at all . The child has their own screen to watch.

    I don't think screen time will lessen as time goes on. I think it will increase and to keep our hands free but still stay connected I think the next stage will be headsets, glasses or spoken commands, maybe even eye movement to open new pages and websites.

    I definitely do not see a reduction in what we do online or time spent doing it.

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